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Why can’t there be a way to block a players statistics from others viewing? It has open up a lot of individual insults about how one plays the game. The game should be fun and individuals should not have to worry about being insulted during matches about their stats or what medals or achievements they have earned!


As far as I know, that isn’t possible

You could just ignore them them since they are random people on the internet with no bearing on your life beyond the few minutes you see them in a video game. Report them if appropriate and move on.


There is, but it will get you banned.

Yes, you could ignore them but it is nobody’s business in how you play and a player should be able to block what others see about themselves.

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And there are some that quit the game completely because of insults, not me of course, but I’ve seen a few vids on YouTube that some have said that’s why they quit the game and the game is suppose to be fun and stats should be for the player to see only so they can see how to improve.

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@NeroBellumDCLXVI here is the thread that has already been closed about this issue. Add option to hide personal file

I said this in the other thread and it is important enough to say again. The data associated with your account is NOT your data. It is Gaijin’s data and they can do with it what they wish.

Then they should have used the ignore function. Super simple. If you don’t like what is being said, the ignore function stops it.

I feel like they probably shouldnt play any competitve game if they cant handle random people telling them that they are bad.

Could always turn chat off. Even if you could fully hide your stats, you are still going to get stuff said when you do something someone thinks is dumb




Will that change your name on the forms as well?

Nope not on the forums, just in game. And they can’t view your stats in the match iirc

It is just a nick hiding function, I am fairly confident you can check stats, but wont know their actual username. AFAIK everyones data is linked to an ID#.

i think it just says “No player named [temporary name] found” when you click on view profile

Ok, normally when people make this kind of post it’s because they want to hide unsportsmanlike behavior (like sealclubbing, botting, or cheating).

Uncovering that kind of behavior is a legitimate reason for why transparancy and open access to playercards is needed.

That said, I don’t think you are guilty of this, so in that case there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re genuinely trying your best, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and be content.

If someone goes out of their way to harass you over your stats, then my advice would be to report them and move on.

Best of luck to you!


Have you heard of the Streisand effect? In short, the more you try to hide something, the more you draw attention to it.

This post is that. I’m certain that more people checked your statcard today because of this post than in many months of regular play.


You agreed to a contract. They can do whatever they want with the in-game data. It’s also due to hardware limitations remember this game isn’t solely PC. You do it on one platform it has to go to the other ones. Such as Sony and Microsoft. Who will likely not allow this for numerous reasons one of them being->pain in the ass to code.

Means nothing

You need to understand that vast majority of those with “superior” stats are either cheaters that stopped using certain cheat before first ban waves or cheaters that got unbanned.

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You need to touch some grass and breath some fresh air because what you just said made little sense or value.


I wish there was a way to see players efficiency before ban waves and after

You make no sense lay-off the sauce!

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Why though?

Please be specific