Player count in top tier sim

Why don’t you just join games that are already on-going?

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I said they’re full and/or there’s something else I don’t like about them like the

Matchup (all vs all)
or most commonly,

What do you mean by all vs all? Like takes where US is on both sides? Or just matches where every nation is included?

I mean every nation is included on both sides

Most people don’t play those matches. I don’t play them and I don’t usually have a problem finding at least 2-3 games that are in progress.

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how would that change if we’re allowed to start a game with Bots (thus not having to wait for players to join).

I have waited more than 45 minutes on multiple nights - and the thing is people pop in and out but not enough people stay to get the game going; and once going a game usually has many people join.

If many people joined there would be no bots, the bots just help get the room started without having to wait 45 minutes for 3 other players with at least 2 on one of the allowed teams staying.

I’d also be fore opening up the options so I could, for instance, have USA vs ALL OTHER NATIONS as well?

Most people don’t play top tier sim (or sim at all - I have a problem starting a fresh game on all battle ratings).

Because then those “2-3 games” with decent population would turn into 10+ games with 1-3 people in each lobby. Sim population is already low, this is just a recipe for disaster.

If you are having to wait 45 minutes to start a game that means you are limiting the nation pre-sets to exclude a sizeable portion of the people that are playing or they are just joining lobbies that are already more populated.

Being able to instantly create lobbies against bot players just creates a situation where players can just use the mode as purely PvE. If I don’t want to play on Vietnam against more than a player or two…I can just land, leave, and create a new lobby.

If the sim economy ever gets fixed…that would just lead to a situation that would be continually exploited.

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I used it in this stream: Twitch

maybe I’ll go clip some of the instances and post them in a YouTube comp

I already posted a video:

Here is the available lobbies (none in top tier)

And here are my settings

And the video

And here’s me playing today not in top Tier (but I didn’t create any rooms).

Enable more than NA servers.

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I’m xenophobic.

OP, what do you mean?
WT runs record 230k players online. :D

I waited over an hour last time. then only flew for 5 minutes because both enemies left the battle and it was over. … after that I said 'ok enough Snail for one day!

I’m also in favor of AI placeholders as a starting aid for rooms… but to be honest. it won’t happen. we’ll be the bad sim abusers for Gaijin again.

I rebuilt EC Sim with friends in DCS editor last year. it took a while but when it was done it felt really good. of course we joked ‘how many SL do you have already?’. one of us had shot down a lot of AIs and then said 'damn I feel bad, I’m an abuser! :D hehee

if once loyal sim players are just taking the piss out of Snail then it shows that our trust in this gaijin juice store is simply broken.

achso I saw you in a battle the other day. I was in a spitfire and you were in a p-38?!
That was Axis vs. Allies.
that’s my secret tip. Ruhr map, Tunisia or Sicily Axis vs. Allies between 3.0 to 5.0 or 6.0.
the only one that sometimes still works reasonably well. with a maximum waiting time of maybe 15 minutes.

No it was an XP-50 I was in. I had just joined that game from the server list.

Oh and BTW, even with all the servers selected there’s no top-tier for me

Yes, too little choice, too little flexibility.
it just lacks a brilliant idea of how to improve it all.

and these nationsets are terrible. if it didn’t say simulator at the top then everyone would think it’s an arcade game. France, Japan and Sweden have become communists and are fighting against Europe. if people want to build something like this, that’s ok. but the fact that the snail officially offers something like this is a joke.

I’ve been on for most of the time today, including 2 hours ago when you posted this. I can’t even remember the last time there wasn’t a lobby available for top tier. As of right now I can find 4 lobbies fighting on blue team, and 7 lobbies fighting for red team at top tier.

Unless you were extremely unlucky 2 hours ago there is likely an issue on your end here.

it wasn’t 2 hours ago it was from last night. I screenshotted it then but that’s normally how it is when I look. Sometimes there’s 1 or 2 top tier sessions but it’s usually none.

Usually none? You’re either exaggerating or there’s clearly a problem on your end