Player count in top tier sim

As per title, because of how players are distributed by nation, there are not enough players playing on the RUS side, thus making every game a real struggle. This is not about planes or capabilities, but merely about the fact that there arent enough players on one side. After a lobby starts, US side players keep flowing in while players that quit on the RUS side never get replaced, and it oftend ends in unsensical 12v3 or worse.

Also, radars at this tier are incredibly good and with a lower player count, 6v6 for example, it wouldnt be hard at all to find enemies while keeping lobbies more balanced.


Wont be an issue when the new update drops. Youll get a massive influx of german players in the Mig-29G. It always happens. F-16C just happens to be the current flavour of the month. Before that, every game i joined was dominated by Mig-29s and before that the F-14 and then before that Mig-23MLDs.

Could be worse, There will come a day hopefully where we have late cold war teams, so that Britain wont have to fight Germany and Italy exclusively if we ever get Typhoons

The 29G is not going to change anything. Even with the better flight model the MiG-29 was never dominant in sim in the same way USA F-16C is.

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I actually don’t think it will change some of them… I highlighted to you the ‘problem’ that I found, and it’s still happening.

We’ll have to wait and see. My experience, everyone plays the new thing. So I reckon we’ll see the all the US mains go to the F-111 and that BR is gunna get swamped and at top tier we’ll get a lot of people playing the Mig-29G over the SMT and maybe also coming from other nations too. I can definetly see top tier evening out a little.

Worth remembering the F-111 and its BR is gunna get swamped for at least a few weeks. Meaning less people in the F-16C. Even if its still the better aircraft. Things should balance out a bit, At least for a little while. But im guessing Su-27 and F-15 in December. so we’ll be back to an even split then

Even if the situation should turn the other way around, the problem would persist. Maybe a lower player count would be better overall, as to avoid this issue in general.

Perhaps, could also see AI players added to pad the teams. Even if they were no different to the Bots we sometimes see in SB, they would at least act as meat shields.

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yeah at the very least…Yesterday i had the real operation desert storm experience. I wasnt even taking off and there were at least 3 f16 waiting just outside the airfield. I dont even know how I manage to keep respawning that much before quitting. It’s just dumb this way, something should be done to avoid these completely nonsensical games.

I had the exact same experience for much of the year. Trying to take off in the Tornado, only to immediately engaged by a Mig 29. This always happens

i WONDER if it has anything to do with how opressive the F-16C FM is with invisible missiles, while R-73 gets flared too easily in all aspects but rear, and how much of a whale SMT is.

everything is beautifully mixed. F-16s often fly together with MiG-29s. or do you want to limit the teams?

The truth is the russian side always lacked players and matches have been degenerating into 3v12’s for a long time, but this has been exacerbated a ton since the mig29 FM nerfs. It was relatively even footing before that but now the poor migs legitimately dont stand a chance. Its pretty funny considering the nerfs as far as i have seen are entirely unfounded in reality based off no source whatsoever, and they were targeted in some area’s which honestly the migs still could have received a small buff in - namely low speed lift & stability. Now with the gutted fm they cant even win a low speed 1 circle vs any f16 which is ludicrous considering thats where their peak advantage should be.


Hey it is obvious, americans are the highest spending players. as simple as that. its just business and i do not like it.

It is what it is. There is nothing we can do.

This is an issue across all tiers (that I’ve been playing). Top Tier is the worst though.


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Not my words, but I agree with It. Credit to CaptainSquishFace

Yes the F-16C is OP.

The F-16C does basically everything better than the MiG-29 while having missiles that are even better suited for sim.

Basically Gaijin buffed the high speed F-16 handling by changing the way they approximate the FLCS and nerfed the hell out of the MiG-29s ability to capitalize on initial turn rate.

It also doesn’t help that if you are on the USSR side you will almost always be down 4 players compared to who you are facing.

F-16C is basically hand holding in simulator right now. Seeing win rates in the high 90 percents is the norm now.

My own comment on it : So basically the addition of the F-16C was the final nail in the coffin, nobody wants to play Vs USA anymore. And guess who is always on opposing team of USA in SIM? USSR. As simple as that.


Can I just point out that from december to the F-16C release the opposite was true… The Mig-29 was totally dominant and no one wanted to fight the Mig-29… Before that it was the F-14… Before that the Mig-23…

In 2 months time it will probably the Su-27…

F-16 was still competitive , maybe you kept turning at Mach 1.2 but that is skill issue on your side. And R-60M was worse in every single way compared to 9L , R-73 is a joke compared to 9M especially in SIM. The flight model of 29 is a joke, you cannot tell me Mig-29 was so oppressive it had %80-90 winrate in SIM like F-16C RN. İt was not.

The teams should be mandatorily made USA Vs THE WORLD in SIM until the issue is gone so that the mode is actually playable.

In rb sure those things are true, the migs ruled hands down, but not in sim - US side has always had the favour of the larger playerbase and that has translated in sim player counts for a long time, at least in top ranks and especially since the release of f16/mig29 the teams have been getting gradually more stacked. Even before the f16c the mig and f16 were fairly evenly matched given equally high skilled players, as is still the case any advantage in bvr can easily be negated simply with ground level flight - and at least back then the dogfights could be still somewhat matched with the mig still standing a half decent chance of winning if they played to their strengths. Still, I can honestly say though that the times before sons of attila where my matches have been dominated by the russian side would be around 10%-20% max, nowdays i actually havent seen a single game at all where the Russians have dominated in players since the fm nerfs.

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The MiG-29 was never dominant in sim. In fact towards the end of patch prior to the F-16 it was arguably worse due to the drag nerfs that significantly reduced the range of the R60M.

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