People will still 1 death leave. The issue was never repair costs

Repair costs were just an excuse for people who yolo and die or can only use meta vehicles, nothing else.
We will continue to see 1 death leavers.
I think the community as a whole should re-evaluate how they play the game/use their vehicles.
The recent economy change however contradicts that notion.
Oh well.


It was never about one single issue… There’s many issues being addressed.

Rewarding gameplay encourages players to research more vehicles, resulting in more players having access to expanded lineups.

A hopeless grind wasn’t doing anything good for the community.


to me the issue is the STUPID map changes, I started doing the same…


Repair costs was just one of the issues/reasons that would cause people to leave after one death there are in fact many reasons people leave after one death or bring single vehicle lineups

Some people leave due to the map design or game mode, some people do it due to them grinding a specific vehicle or tech tree line, and finally some people just want to play a specific vehicle and only that vehicle because it is either their favorite or just happens to pique their interest at that particular moment.

…and I will admit I am a person that has done this before for all of the reasons I listed above.

Fixing repair costs was a good solution to fix one of the reasons people leave matches but its also the easiest problem to fix while the other issues can’t be easily fixed if at all.

You can’t force somebody to like a map or game mode. Does gaijin need work on their map designs? yes. Does there need to be a better BR spread for maps? yes. Do different map styles and game modes need to be made for different BR and eras? yes. all of these questions regarding Map and game mode design being addressed would certainly help the issues but at the end of the day you can’t make somebody play a map or game mode they don’t like.

As far as people who do it for grinding the best solution here is of course to just give people multiple respawns for the same vehicle if they are using single vehicle lineups. This would also address the issue of people wanting to play a specific vehicle because they like it and don’t want to play anything else at the moment.

But all in all, you can’t nor will ever completely get rid of one death leavers you can certainly reduce the number of reasons people do it and give them more incentive to keep spawning yes but it will never go away.

And before anybody says it, punishing people more for it isn’t the solution doing that would only make the problem worse if anything.


It is not Gaijin fault for other peoples failures. We cant all have everything in our favour. I feel a big lack of accountability in most matches or topics in fact.


Get in, die before earning any XP or SL, leave. Why lose more vehicles when the first one became a loss without giving any income back?

I am a terrible player (among other things, my eyesight is a mess) and I do know a lot about struggling to not slip too much in the reds even with Premium. Farming God Modes, alt+caps+Esc the game before a crap map loads, and leaving at the first sign of the enemy team being too good (I still don’t dare to leave at the signs of my team being a bad team, but I only give them a single loss before GTFO)

So, leaving at the first loss is often a sensible choice. And yes, I hate speedfuckers who rush to the cap in a BR 2.0, or that kind who crashes on a tree and self-destructs because he can’t make it to the cap, and blatant bots, and et cetera. But, one-loss quitters? I don’t judge. Been there, done that.

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One death leaving:
-Highest reward per minute
-Lowest repair costs
-No crew lock
-Maximum use out of a premium vehicle
-No spawn camping
-No bottlenecks
-No long drawn out matches waiting for the tickets to bleed

Bringing a lineup:
-Higher repaircosts
-Lower rewards per minute
-CAS will start spawning
-Will be spawn camped
-If you leave early you get crew lock
-Not using a premium vehicle is a waste of time, lower rewards, higher repairs
-Stock vehicles suck, stock Heatfs against Russia is impossible, no parts, no FPE, no thermals, no good shell, reducing mobility, no smoke, no artillery, no crew replenishment and its hundreds of games to finally get to a point where you can be competitive.

Yeah I wonder why every top tier game is just premium spam and one death leavers, it’s the best way to play for a variety of reasons and incentivized through game design because Gaijin rather sells more premiums than actually facilitate good gameplay.

Or in Gaijin’s words:
‘‘Progression provides opportunities for gradual learning and engaging the players. Without it, the game will lose players right from the start.’’
Unless you buy our premiums and skip all of it.

‘’ vehicles should be unlocked gradually, from simpler and older to more complex and later’’
Different interpretation of what gradual is I guess.

‘‘the total time to get the first “top” vehicle should be a balanced’’
Different interpretation of what balanced is I guess.

‘‘there should not be too many “farming” vehicles’’

If Gaijin would find these things important like they say they do, one death leaving wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but considering their words directly contradict game design and do no facilitate gameplay, one death leaving with a premium vehicle is just the superior way to play the game and progress the most and avoid frustration mechanics.


what i read from this is reluctance to actually partake in the team based game. It doesnt work. people think they are being smart by adopting this cheap method but its worthless and personally damaging and on a team basis. A win is more reward. more time in battle is more reward. I can sometimes do bad in a tank, spawn spaa , do my job as spaa (not charge in like a loony) and defend the airspace, earn points, help team, respawn etc etc.
I dont like lazy players and gameplay.
Same can be said for air rb pilots who dive on the first thing they see or headon by protocol regardless.


The most common reasons I 1DL is when I get a map I don’t enjoy/one I’ve already got several times today or I am uptiered, and facing things I can’t compete against well such as France 7.7 in a full uptier.


just because you see a few vehicles higher br than you, doesnt mean complete uptier, only a percentage will be.


Nothing about this game is designed as a team based game, winning a game isn’t rewarded, your personal performance is rewarded


you get extra 100% reward for winning


this is not not a flame post btw, i just feel like certain issues are not being spoken about, simply blame Gaijin.


It still means that a majority of the vehicles I face will outclass me. Its not enjoyable playing a 6.7 heavy facing ATGMs, or an unstableized tank with solid shot only, facing more armored vehicles with better firepower and stabilizers.

I wish I didn’t have to 1DL as much, but its just not fun to play in uptiers above BR 6.7. It doesn’t help that uptiers at some BRs happen 85% of the time.


It’s not a 100%, and unless you personally performed well, your rewards will still suck, you don’t get anything for winning as a team unless you have a high enough score to make it worthwhile.

Same reason why people do not escort bombers, you don’t get anything for it, this is not a team game.


a percentage of people may be higher br, - in case of “uptier”.
being level 100 will increase that
it makes sense.
dont get too hung up br’s.
you can get the job done, it will be risky and it might not work.
but you want guaranteed everytime?

What do you mean by that?

bombers fly in like suicide drones. Thats why they dont get cover. Even if they were willing to give anyone a chance to cover. The people flying the bombers in that manner are to blame.

they wont admit it, but i find it pretty reasonable to suggest that the player level effects the matchmaking algorithm.

You can’t force people into cooperation… and can’t control them when they actually cooperate. This is why “playign with friends” is severely limited, because a single 6-men team which steamrolled every single map would kill the game 10x faster than the usual attrition from being killed over and over again for no gain over and over again… or meeting over and over again the kind of player who will sit by an empty cap without getting it until team is defeated, or being spawncamped overa nd over again, or all the things which make people grow tired and quit for the same reasons Gaijin hopes they will open their wallets and pay.

This is a business, and the business model is to mess with players so they pay to be unmessed, then mess with them over and over again to get more money. And since the model works, this is the kind of games we get now.