Panzer 3/2. a FFI salvage


This has to be one of the most hilarious tanks I’ve ever seen, this has my vote! An absolute +1

He is a Level 1 Goblin. +1

Interesting tank +1

perfectly odd and unique enough without being over-power or balance-breaking while being easy to add.

i believe it could be a perfect vehicle to have as a premium or even. maybe for the war bound and stuff.

Technically youre missing some standart ammo such as the Pzgr. L’Spur .Zerl which replaced the Ph core with 2,4g Pent and a Sd. Fuze, as this ammo was also used against planes and didnt have a habit of self igniting in the heat of the desert and more.

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i didn’t check very deep in the ammunition the 2cm was using there. i just copy-paste what we had ingame



don’t ruin sim anymore than it already is, even if it has the markings people will cover them up

any extra ammunition that offers different performance and was actively used would be a welcome addition. i see there is an APHE amount of those. that would make it quit effective against light armor.
and the performence is also interresting

thanks for the help

or they could just block certain vehicles in Sim

besides, there is a lot of chance this would backfire, as your teammate is just as likely to mistake you for an enemy

if they did this I would vote yes, but they wont and you know it

i believe many vehicles are blocked in certain events as they are considered too OP.

Gaijin often work their way to fix things.
at the same time, there is already T-34 in the German tree, panzer in the Russian tree, Sherman in every tree except Sweden.

this tank at least has a turret that gives away the real nation it is. Others are just plain copy-paste.

Was gonna make a counterpoint but then i remembered that 50~% of sim players cant tell the difference between a rock and log

unfortunately gaijin does not block certain vehicles for being too OP and just because there are already captured and Lendlease in sim doesn’t mean there should be more

the turret is different but its still a German turret so its not different enough to not hesitate

This would be a really funky event vehicle!
Did the turret actually traverse, though? A lot of these turret swaps were non-functional and welded in place because of the difference in turret ring diameters. It’s a lot more complicated than simply taking a turret and plopping it on a hull!

France would not have used a non-functional tank. they would rather use a jeep with machine-gun instant. piece of working tank was common in France during the fight of late WW2. they were eager to fight but not in a hurry to die. the allied supplied them with plenty of vehicles but it was seldom enough. the Germans left hundreds of vehicles, sometimes in working condition, just lacking fuel. they scavenge all they can find operational. which included a dozen decent tanks in Normandy alone who were in working condition and still decent tanks for the performance even if they were not the best by them

If they just mounted the Pillbox turret, there is no need to change the turret ring. you just put the whole plate coming with the turret ring right over the chassis and the tank would end up with two turret ring, one larger that becomes useless, and the smaller one fitting inside.

they surely just used one of those defenses that Germany was building in a hurry when the Allied advanced in France

there were many in France and sometimes they didn’t even build it on concrete. they were often just mounted on a hole with with log to keep the wall from collapsing. a squad could build it in less than a day


French forces did a lot of fighting in the interior of France containing and clearing German forces (and Vichy collaborators), esp. the coastal garrisons. These were often poorly equipped so even a Pz II would be a formidable vehicle.
Pz III & IVs had to remove the turret to replace the transmission (!), so its very plausible to have found a runner from a maintenance area without a turret.


besides, France recovered a lot of German equipment in 1944 and even used part of it to produce fighting vehicles used it in combat even before the end of the war.

as the Allied forces were focusing on pushing the Germans to Germany. there was a huge part of France that remained occupied and the French revived army was pretty much the only one that put a priority to completely liberating France. most of the Southwest was not cleared when the British and Americans crossed the Rhine. France was using their lesser fighting vehicles there too. but it was okay as the Germans mostly had infantry stationed there and without supplies, they were soon running low on ammunition.

the Panzer 3/2 would have been more than effective in this part of the country. they also used other vehicles who were french fighting vehicles from 1940 and some British lesser tanks from the 1944 standard as well such as the Centaure and Crusader.

regardless of the history behind this vehicle, it was built and it would be great in the game to my opinion. i assume most of the people who do not want it are not basing their opinion on the performance or history of the vehicles but rather on the similarity to the German vehicles which would affect a lot their capacity to accurately identify the vehicles as allies or enemies. which is something i can understand.

Ha, Nerd.


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