Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

I get that, but at the moment the tornado can only show one target at a time (The open square around a guy). Which is unlike the f14, although this may have changed as it has been years since i saw anyone fly the f14. So will this be changing or is all you need to guide amissile in is the ping on the radar but not the soft lock on the target?

Yes, it shows only around one target at a time (the target you have selected) but it is still tracking the other targets on the radar and if a missile has been launched at them and it can guide that many missiles update for all engaged targets even if they are not the selected radar contact.

okay, thanks. Was just wondering if i had somehow had a setting on which turned off the “softer” locks found on the f14 showing an open box around all the targets in your TWS as i had seen an f16 with this on the dev so i wasnt sure if i had done something to my game or not.

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask. But out of the two main Tornado Forums, which is the most active?

There’s another Tornado forum?

there is another.

I know about 2,this one with 3k and another one with 70

There is one for all nations and variants whereas this one is just for the British Tornado.

As the difference between the Tornados is minimal (Typically only really in loadouts). This one has kinda become the main thread when it comes to base Tornado related stuff. Especially as much of the docs used for bug reporting the Tornados have a british origin at the moment

Okay, thanks.

Ah, I agree rename on tech tree & stat card Tornado F.3 Late → Tornado F.3 AOP but don’t know gaijin ready change name for fix small update this month or third major update (september)

Tornado F.3 Late rename to Tornado F.3 AOP, and I want gaijin add AIM-9L/I or AIM-9L/I-1 on Tornado F.3 Late but not change BR

I guess Tornado F.3 FSP would be 13.0 with IR AAM AIM-9L/I (stock) & ASRAAM and MRAAM AIM-120B & AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM

I don’t know Tornado F.3 FSP located under Tornado F.3 Late or in folder with Tornado F.3 Late

Ngl I’m worried this patch is bouta drop and the Tornados won’t get their 1200 chaff☠️☠️

I can very much see the Correct amounts for Multiple vehicles chaff/Flare counts coming in a “Its fixed!” a couple weeks after patch.


Well seems like tornado CM count got shafted from whst i heared

Yeah, the GR.1 is apparently suffering catastrophic lack of countermeasures, I’m sure @John_Sneeeeeeeew won’t mind me nabbing his screengrab. It’s also super inconsistent

It also doesn’t get the 1 million chaff (something in that range of figures lmao) like it should…

Mirage 2000 got its “Almost” historical CM, Tornado should’ve this too. Ironically, it’s bugged rn lmao.

Also with Mirage F1, currently now Mirage F1 have combined Large Calibre CM and Small Calibre CM. I don’t think it’s impossible to model the 1200 chaff other than consideration not to model it because it would absolutely become monstrous in GRB.

Stole my screenshot, die. /j


@Gunjob so… you know what happend? Did they just forget about the tornado in the end?

Its a bug affecting alot of aircraft, Mirage 2000 has a similiar issue with CMs.

@Smin1080p is the Tornado BOZ pod fix still being worked on?

It seems that the New countermeasure system would allow 28 flares / 600 chaff per pod to be implemented.

The F-20A has one 15 shot configurable dispenser and one 30 shot flare only dispenser. And it works exactly as you’d expect it to in game:

Surely the Devs can now give each BOZ pod a 28 shot configurable dispenser and a 600 shot chaff only dispenser? Essentially mimicking what the F-20A has.

They could presumably even give each pod a 28 shot flare only dispenser and a 600 shot chaff only dispenser, to be truly realistic.