Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Hello Gunjob, I was just wondering if there’s been any update on this report?
It’s an absolute dealbreaker for some jets and I’m worried since it’s still here a week later in the dev server.

Foxhunter scan pattterns

And yes, it returns back to the top, but you need sources like that to prove it does.

Yeah theres also a source in the report which states it to be how it was before the dev server. In some regards dev server pattern is halving the efficiency of some radars rn. Massively nerfing BVR/recommit capabilities of the SU27, since it has to wait over 7 seconds from the first TWS scan to get heading/speed

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There really wasnt a reason for them to do it tbf by the time EJ200 was ready EF was already here which made the F.3 totally redundant


Yep, the typhoon was the type of aircraft the RAF should have developed instead of repurposing the tornado…we love budget cuts!

Im probably mistaken but I read somewhere that the reason they proposed that engine/radar upgrade was because they had limited numbers of operational typhoons at the time, and lots of spare EJ200s from development so upgrading F3s would have filled out the numbers. Still would have been awesome to at least see what it would have been like, although they would have encountered numerous airframe limitations with the F.3 as it was never designed to handle such power.

Nothing yet.

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Definitely not how that happened. The EJ was actually slightly late to the party for typhoon due to some development hijinks hence the DA.1 was used as the flying engine testbed.

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Ahhh thanks for clearing that up :)

I got the F.3 this morning and apparently I can’t use the additional countermeasures, despite having the modification, until I unlock the AIM-9L modification? Great.

Do you still have your F.3 in this configuration? If so can you take some screenshots and send me them, I’ll get it reported.

Damn… was that still in the game, i thought it had been patched out already? Goes to show how small the player base considering this was there from the beggining.

Cant wait for AIM120 and Aim9M I cant take Skyflash anymore, Jets just turn slightly and it misses.

I am beyond looking forward to having a missile able to be used with our radar… who cares about ARH, ima be using it as a quasi SARH to ensure the kill.


Yeah, hard locking things is gunna be fun. Especiall y if you can make them waste chaff first

Could you defeat notch attempts keeping the jet locked with the Radar?

No, it will act just like a normal SARH missiles as long as your hard locking the guy. I actually have no idea about the channel changes as on the tornado youve only ever been able to see one guy so seeing 2 now wont change much, unless they finally get around to fixing the god dayum hud for sim…

Only difference now is that we have a missile thats actually remotly worth taking at a br above 10.3 (The skyflash superTEMP has decent stats but no one knows how bad they are untill they try them and have used the 7fs, let alone the r27ers…).

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Does anyone have any data on how many AMRAAMs the F.3 could guide at once? 2 seems pretty low

4, as can the SHar, there is a report in for both.


How would this work, as in game rn the TWS can only pick up a single target at a time? so will it be buffed for the update to the 4 (or 2 if it doesn’t go through in time), or have i been using the TWS wrong this entire time…

TWS can pick up multiple targets at a time, the Limit of 2 currently is how many targets it can update information for while guiding ordanance to said targets, but it can keep track of far more,

So a F-14 can guide 6 AIM-54s at 6 targets (or one target if you hate someone that much) but can keep track of say 20 if they are within the search cone