[Pakistan]Chengdu F-7P Skybolt "The most capable early MiG-21"

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[Pakistan]Chengdu F-7P Skybolt

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F-7P Skybolt is basically J-7II with better missiles and CMs.
Current MiG-21F-13 and J-7II have decent airframe performance, but the lack of flares and flight models that is not easy to fly make them quite difficult for new players, most skipping them and playing the MiG-21SMT or MiG-21MF. However, the F-7P still has same airframe with J-7II but, can have x2 AIM-9P or AIM-9L instead of PL-2 and, unlike the MiG-21SPS-K, can take flares and chaff without sacrificing guns because these guns are still NR-30 30mm cannons.

If this thing was implemented in the game, it would be capable counterpart of Russian and German MiG-21s also, it would give something new to the early MiG-21s, which has not been much of a focus for ARB players.



The F-7P was actually based not on the J-7II, but on its developmental version, the J-7IIA.
The J-7IIA is a modified version of the J-7II and first flight was on March 7, 1983. It was equipped with avionics and FCS that were superior to those of the Chinese-made original, developed by Marconi in the UK. The differences in appearance were that the pitot tube for measuring airspeed was shorter and moved to the upper right of the nose.

Pakistan showed interest in the J-7IIA in 1983 and considered it as a successor to the F-6 (export model of the J-6/MiG-19), which was then in use by the PAF. In December 1983, two Pakistani pilots were sent to China to demonstrate the J-7IIA, and later in 1984, China sent several pilots to Pakistan for demonstration and to conduct The Chinese sent several pilots to Pakistan in 1984 to conduct demonstrations and dogfight simulations with the PAF F-6, A-5C and Mirage 5. Due to the many improvements required for J-7s by the Pakistanis, the order for the first 20 aircraft was not signed until 1985, and they were called the “J-7MP” and externally the F-7P. The F-7P was mainly based on the J-7IIA, with avionics, additional cockpit mirrors, installation of ejection seats that is made by Martin-Baker, the ability to use AAMs developed by Western nations such as the AIM-9 sidewinder, and improved maintainability, as requested by the Pakistanis. Twenty F-7Ps were delivered on July 26, 1988.

Also, although the specific date is unknown, numerous photographs have revealed in recent years that there is an F-7P fitted with a CF dispenser, the same type that the J-7D had.

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Guns: x2 NR-30/Type 30-1 30mm cannons with 60 rounds per gun
Missiles: x2 AIM-9P Sidewinder or x2 AIM-9L Sidewinder on the inner pylons
Rockets: Type 57-1 (57 mm) rocket pods or Type 90 (90mm) rocket pods
Bombs: 50, 150, 250 or 500 kg bomb
Each outboard pylon can carry one of the above rocket pods, bombs, or a 500 litre drop tanks.

Specifications(should have same performance with J-7II):

Manufacturer: Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group(成都飞机工业有限责任公司)
Power Plant One 59.82 kN (13,488 lb. st.) Shenyang Liming WP-7B/BM
Weight: empty 5,275 kg (11,629 lb.); maximum take-off 7,531 kg (16,603 lb)
Wingspan: 23 feet, 5 inches (7.15 meters)
Speed: 2,175 km/h (1,350 mph) or Mach 2.05 between 41,010 and 60,700 feet)
Ceiling: 59,710 feet (18,200 meters); maximum rate of climb at sea level 35,433 ft/min (10,800 m/min
Range: 1,081 miles (1,740 km) with two missiles and three drop tanks.


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+1 from a fierce nationalist here lol
ive put up the whole TT for a suggestion but it might never get approved.
also suggest the F-7PG with the new wing design and radar


TBH, I would like to see Pakistan vehicles implement as sub-tree or premium/event stuff.


And theres like around 50 or more unique ones too not to mention the ROSE program
Like here: