Pakistan & Bangladesh Tech Tree

i was worried about the BAF, seems you guys had one up the sleeve…
cant wait for its reveal
what is its name?

Idk I dont have high hopes for it.It would be a disappointment as usual. Airforce didn’t reveal much details about it.They said it’s going to be a light attack aircraft.Many are speculating it’s going to be based on JL-9 or FTC-2000.
My guess is that it will be revealed on 16th December. But I’m sure they will reveal it within this year.

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is it to do with this excerpt i found on a defense website?:


BAF is looking for a newly built fighter powered by two engines with at least 5,500 kg of dry thrust and over 8,000 kg with afterburner each and with at least eight weapon attachment points and a minimum payload of 5,000 kg.

The government demands that the fighter be equipped with an electronically-scanned radar array with an air-to-air range of 150 km and an air-to-surface range of 50 km. The aircraft will also have to include an Integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) suite; Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system with a target tracking range of at least 50 km; helmet mounted display and viewfinder system (HMD/S) with cueing; head-up display (HUD) and modern glass cockpit.

BAF is looking for a complete package that includes aircraft, maintenance and training, and a range of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons. It must also provide for the opening of a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility in the country.

Air forces TT has been updated

Those are actually the requirements for our MRCA(Multi Role Combat Aircraft) Program. Euro Fighter and Rafale are currently considered for it.

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i found something that might be funny if added to the game


(just add it as is with standing AA gunners)

I was literally thinking about this.😂Btw those MANPADS are FN-16 which is a improved variant of FN-6.
I dont think gaijin would consider this as a actual SPAA.

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Btw MiG 29 BM can use R-77.It can also use Kh-31 Anti ship missile.

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well id pay for the laughs regardless, and id keep the two in the back seats as gunners with 7,62s

considering the current state of weaponry in WT ARH missiles arent past the initial pheonix’s and the tornados dumb antiship missiles.
on another note, i could literally not find any pictures of the bangladeshi MiG29BM. sources said they were sent to belarus for modernisation so maybe they havent returned yet?

now bengali ground forces are also included, if you have any interesting (or funny) additions do let me know

We bought R-77s last year and all of our MiG-29s have been upgraded from Belarus between 2019-2022.All of them returned back to Bangladesh. I think the last one returned this year.
Source for R-77:



You can get a clear view of mig 29BM from this video.To me it doesn’t look any different from Mig 29B.

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You can add Bangladeshi modifications of Type 62.I have made some suggestions on them.

  1. that video was smooth
  2. i researched into the BM modification from belarus a while back, its supposed to make the MiG-29s up to the Russian Mig-29 SMT standard (you can find out by checking the hump of the fuselage behind the cockpit canopy). so far i havent seen those mig29s in bengali colors but i dont doubt they will get them soon. just that i cant find any airframes with that upgrade (the hump houses EW and some other systems)

the SMT is the chonky boi of all mig-29s

the belarusian BM is also chonky

as of rn
no pictures leaked of bengali chonker

I am done with tech trees that start at rank 4 TBH. Israel is already one too many that start at rank 4.
I do want the unique vehicles tho.

However, nearly all of these will be in other tech trees as well… especially the air tree I can’t find a unique aircraft listed.

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i acknowledge your opinion

I think they did not do a complete upgrade to BM standard.

ah so i should look for the 9.13 standard rear cockpit hump. oh ive seen many like those, ok so the current batch except for the trainers versions are all BM standard.
ill have to move the BM to 13.0 then

check ground and air trees top teir now.
i made some adjustments