J-7D need it's python 8 with horribly overBR'd it is



the other option i’d take is pull it to 10.7, even if the missile is 11.0 doesn’t mean the rest of the dogshit is, if Yak-38 can get 4 r60 and sit in 9.3 why not this dogshit.

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Italian F-104 players:


totally agree,I want to buy a j7d in the next version to drive the Chinese air force line. But the strength of j7d was so low that I had to think twice.

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Ah yes.
Do you want to see J-7D pushed into BR with more flareless jets such as J35A and MiG-23BN, G.91YS?
It just makes the current horrible compression on 8.7 to 10.xBR even worse and is a very bad idea in balancing since how long range IR missiles are meta at the moment.

Also, the Yak-38/Yak-38M is just a slow boat, and the x4 R-60s are definitely an “I win” button against flares jets but , if you were flying a Sabre or MiG-17, it is not a big problem because you can handle it by positioning. I wouldn’t say it should be 9.3BR but, it is not huge issues if you compare against F-104A/F-104Cs.

It sounds like you are whining on the forum because you have never played the MiG-21 and can’t handle the J-7D.

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Skill issue.
It is not best but, still not worst.


Or we could get a new premium fighter……

J-8II Peace Pearl?


or F-7P that is basically J-7II with CMs and x2 AIM-9Ls.


Anything but that glorified MiG-21 without proper armament at 11.0, it’s literally the most gimped premium they ever sold, only defeated by that M60 starship prem.

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Buying the J-7D was literally your choice, no one is forcing you to buy rank 7 premium and no one is forcing you to grind to J-11 which will be implemented in the next update.

Come back here when you learned about how to play MiG-21s and Jet RB games.


Bro Yak 38 doesn’t have flares or flight performance

Honestly the J7D is not that bad. It suffers heavily in an uptier but which vehicle doesn’t? Yes yes there’s exceptions but it’s still true for the majority.

I personally have more fun in the J7E that’s why I recommend talismaning the J7E and play that instead of the J7D as it’s easier to fly.

J7D however does NOT need PL-8 or BR decrease. If anything it needs PL-5C. I take all-aspect PL5 over PL8 anytime.

In the J7D try to adjust your playstyle. Don’t go in first. Don’t assume you’re the best or coolest. Try to hide and/or side-climb and zoom in flanking.

Don’t forget to turn off afterburners when flaring and it’s pretty manageable.


there is “suffer in uptier” and then there is “even in your BR you’re going to lose against your all aspect equipped mates”

Almost every jets are suffering by uptier. It is not just J-7D issues.

You mean MiG-21bis? It is really easier to flares so, I would say PL-5B is better than R-60Ms.

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Maybe its the same personal reward, bombing has not a single effect to the battle, and that is the big issue of thinking about it. You increase the chance to win by fighting, you increase the chance to loose even more by bombing. And with a higher chance to win your personal reward increases in the long run.

Sure it needs learning, but I’m convinced for most of the players it would be more fun.

To the missiles:
Even a weaker missile will have more success from rear aspect than a better one in a headon. A R60/PL5 in rear aspect at short range is 90% deadly even against a plane with flares and cutting off AB. The art is to get in this position, and that’s only about tactic.

Discussions about single planes changing their BR will not help to solve our big problem in AirRB. Gaijin have to change bigger parameters. One is a problem in toptier, they get not enough full uptiers (12.3 only battles). The biggest advantage at toptier is not facing better planes. So I think a rate of less than 30% downtiers would be more than enough
And a second idea of mine is to change the BR range of a battle from e.g. 10.0-11.0 to 10.0-10.7.

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No, that title belongs to the German Mig-21 Bis.

The only solution for this is a total BR decompression lol
It’s just like F-5Es used to be at 11.0 and it gets uptiered every day getting trolled by the 12.0 gangs and one day suddenly it got kicked to 10.7 and it immediately began to troll every 9.7/10.0 aircraft it meets.


J-7D would be fine to downtier to 10.7 (without PL-5bs) seeing as we have things like the J-35XS, F-5E, Kfir Canard and so on.

It doesn’t need PL-8s and neither does the J-7E.


True. It should be fine at 10.7