OTOMATIC is kind of Overtiered

So I’m sure you’re going to open this and start typing “The OTOMATIC is way to OP with its APFSDS round to be in a lower BR” which is right. But please read first. I play the OTO kind of a lot and most of the time the enemy team has AH-6s and F-16s flying 10 km+ away from the battlefield and they are still getting kills, but for the OTO, by the time the shells you shoot get to where they were at, the enemy vehicle is already 1 km away from where your shells were going to hit. Plus to add onto not, you are always having to fight with SPAAs like the FlaRakRad and the Pantsir which pretty take every enemy air unit that spawns due to the range they can launch at.

Which is why I propose that the APFSDS round gets removed and the OTOMATIC gets put down to 10.3 so Italy can have a proper SPAA at 10.3.

What do you all think of the OTOs state and what do you think can be done?


Gotta pretend Italy has something at the top, the OTO is a worse 2S38 a full 1.3 BR higher, but unlike the 2S38 the OTO cannot be milked for money.


Well the difference with the OTO and the 2S38 is that the OTO is considered a SPAA and the 2S38 is considered a “Light tank” so I don’t see why keeping APSDS rounds in the OTO is such a huge deal when killing tanks isn’t its main job.

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The 2S38 should also have been an SPAA as that is it’s official designation, they just decided to change that so they could make it way more OP and add all the light tank features to it.



But thats kind of getting away from the point. If Gajin wanted to give Italy a vehicle that had a high rate of fight with a decent amount of pen, it should be something like the Iveco Super AV and not a SPAA that would be overtiered if given a good round.

I mean it showcases they are clearly willing to bend the rules and make things up when it suits them but then refuse to budge when it comes to other things.
OTO doesn’t need to be a light tank, but it also shouldn’t be a 1.3 higher than a 2S38.


Some of that was discussed in a previous topic I made.


I wouldnt even really mind it being 11.7 because it is really good against actual close air support and not f16s dropping bombs from 15km if italy had some kind of top tier SAM to go along side it

Germany gets the Gepard 1A2 at 9.7 which has missiles and radar along with its main 35mm, Sweden gets the LvKv 9040C at 10.0 with flack shells and radar. The Russians get the 2S6 with radar and missiles able to pull 32Gs along with its 30mm that shoots 1250 rounds per minute at 10.7. I dont see why Italy shouldn’t be able to have a SPAA that can do somewhat of a good job at what it does.
And if aircraft have issues with getting close, the Mi-35, AH-6M and helis just like it can launch ATGMs out of its range just fine.

Plus Italy will probably never get a long range SAM due to the only ones in service are trailer based SAMs.

I dont play italy that much, but br of otomatic was always bizzare to me. Ralisticly speaking, since its top tier tech spaa in minor nation, it would literally change nothing if this thing was like 10.3 and if they are so afraid it would break the game, they could nerf apfsds pen, or make reload longer while using apfsds. (Im not realism purist, id rather play a game that is fun and balanced, rather than full sim that this game will never be).

Honestly, i thing that gaijin have tendency to turbo nerf vehicles into the ground just do they dont need revisit the same problem twice.

Well they have already nerfed the OTO heavily by making the ammo transfer 10x slower so after about 15 shots you have to wait for each round to get restocked which takes around 8 seconds each but for a SPAA its crucial to have rounds ready in a short amount of time, so when you run out of ammo in your main ammo storage, you become a sitting duck for CAS.

And for the APSDS, I don’t see why its so crucial for a SPAA to have a round to kill MBTs when it already comes with a round for defense against light armor. and its main job isn’t even to kill tanks.

Italy has sidam mistral… at 2 br steps higher than anything comparable to it… and worse than any of them…

Yeah italian spaa sucks

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Which is exactly why I am proposing the APSDS round gets removed and the OTO put down to 10.3.

Implement the 3 round APFSDS drum that is the actual configuration. Allow people to load as much APFSDS they want into the bulk ammo storage.

Drop it to 10.7/10.3, see how it performs and go from there.

This would limit it to 3 APFSDS before needing to restock the secondary drums. I dont see how this will put it at much of an edge over the Lvkv9040C and the 2S38 other than penetration as you would need to wait the long restock time to refill the 3 round APFSDS drum.

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Infinite APFSDS+reduction to 10.7 is the bare minimum. It is not because it has been nerfed but everyone around it gets better. As of an missile AA, either SL-ASPIDE, Centauro ADATS, or RO/HU Osa-AKM.

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Well what they could do is make the reload around 6-8 seconds and limit the amount of drums you can take in so it can be 10.3 cause Italy needs a good SPAA and not so much a vehicle with a higher penetrating auto cannon cause Italy already has the VCC-80/30 and the KF41 to fill in those jobs.

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The reload will be whatever the replanisment will be.

And the APFSDS drum kinda limits itself. You get 3 rounds, and then a long replanisment. With that limitation i see no reason to emplace the arbitrary limitation on how many rounds you can carry.

The only arbitrary limitation is that you can only load APFSDS into the dedicated 3 round drum.
The drum seen in this image.

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So the drum is separate from the auto by being placed on the right side of the gun?

Yup, its there for the very rare chance that the OTO actually had to deal with ground vehicles