Otomatic outdated for 11.3 needs 10.3-10.7 BR

I hope for the buff of the OTOMATIC , but unfortunally GJ will never nerf the 2S38.

IMO the OTO should be lower than 2S38 because
1 the OTOMATIC is a GIANT target on traks in comparison to 2S38
2 the crew in the OTO sits all in the turret (except for the driver) which has paper thin armor.
whilst 2S38 has an unmanned turret


True but 311 pen rapid-fire apds will keep BR elevated no matter how massive and lightly armored 10.0 would be the best we could hope for.


The reason they won’t remove OTOMATIC’s APFSDS round and move it to 9.7 is cause of SIDAM 25 Mistral being there.
Which is rather sad.

It would be nice if they moved the OTOMATIC further down, but the problem remains that there is no top tier anti-aircraft ready to replace the OTO. I think that until the Centaur Draco agigunta (if they put it) they will hardly lower the OTOMATIC.

you’re right

who said to remove the APFSDS? OTOMATIC is painful with, imagin without 💀

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Sorry for late reply but,

The OTOMATIC was 9.7 at one stage, and above that, the SIDAM MISTRAL is barely doable at 9.3 standards.
If anything, lift the APFSDS limit and reducing the BR to 10.7 should be the bare minimum. It is not a super beefed up 2S38, it is the OTOMATIC.

A lot of this was discussed in a thread i made talking about the APSDS drums the OTO should have which limits its fire rate.


OTOMATIC still has a high penning round, and that cap was due to someone that could at least read Italian bug reporting the OTOMATIC many years ago.
I ain’t saying it shouldn’t be lowered; all I’m saying is APFSDS + players focusing on its anti-tank capability is what led to its current BR.

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If you meant that, then fair. However given how abyssmal Italian top tier is, might as well reward players who made it there with some unique stuff by allowing for unlimited APFSDS. The game has changed much and it is no longer thar scary.
I disliked the 2s38 not because it is overpowered, which i dont think so either its just annoying, because but due to the fact that I own the OTOMATIC.


OTOMATIC suffers


All very good ideas. I rarerely play the otomatic these days since it’s so helpless against moving targets at its BR but would love to be able to take it out more.

one must imagine the OTOMATIC be happy

i don’t know the swedish tech tree but i would like to use it as comparison:
Strf 9040C and Lvkv 9040C are basically the same vehicle. The first without radar the second has a radar. So the radar is by no means a reason to increase BR.
So making a comparison between 2S38 and OTOMATIC i think they should at least sitting at the same BR even if OTOMATIC is huge, has no remote turret, has no scout drone, has crappy thermals…


If they are stubborn on keeping it at 11.3, Gaijin should consider giving it its guided proximity shells called “DART”

Basically a radar guided proximity HE shell that can pull up to 40gs. Should help bolster italian AA at killing long range KA50s and mig27s. Right now it’s very easy to counter the otomatic at range and just maneuver when it locks onto you. Still, if you’re close, youre toast.

As far as I’m aware if would need a radar lock to guide the projectile so IRST won’t work which means aircraft will get a radar warning meaning they can get the chnace to chaff and maneuver to avoid the projectile. IMO it won’t be OP but give the otomatic a very good chance at killing higher tier faster jets especially since Italy doesn’t have any missile AA currently.

these are also available to the Draco, which I’m suggesting. Please give Draco gaijin.

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OTO is just a worse 2S38 at a way higher BR… the 2S38 they reclassified from SPAA to light tank to make it as powerful as it is.
Italy as a whole is just neglected at top tier, everything is just way too high so Gaijin can pretend they have a top tier when nothing of what they have deserve to be 11.3 or 11.7, but then supposedly the Abrams suffers and get a reload buff whilst the Ariete gets several tons of weight added with no benefits.


OTOMATIC should be at BR 10.0 and no higher, since it only has 12 APDFSDS. And it is nowhere near as powerful as the Russian 2S38 so OTOMATIC at BR 10.0 is fine.

I’m afraid the Centauro Draco adds nothing and just a faster wheeled system, but has the same cannon as the OTOMATIC so BR 10.3-10.7 not beyond.

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centauro draco gets guided shells, which tldr, they act like mini SAMs with 40g pull and 8km range

And you think Gaijin would allow the addition of such a shell??? Don’t misunderstand me, I’d like it added too… But we are talking about Gaijin… If it’s not something Russian, they won’t do anything… or they’ll give it the bare minimum, like they did with OTOMATIC, which they added in the game with the wrong number of engine horsepower… We had to wait 2 years for it to be corrected… Do you realise 2 years to correct the motor horsepower number, we are not talking about creating a 3D model of a vehicle from 0, but simply typing the number of motor horsepower it actually had on the keyboard… That’s as far as they go for the smaller countries…

As you may have guessed, I deeply despise Gaijin for the way they treat minor nations.

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