OTOMATIC is kind of Overtiered

Interesting. I don’t understand why gajin didn’t just add that. Plus right now with the ammo transfer speed it would be pretty balanced in 10.0-10.7 area.

It would mean adding a new mechanic. Easier to just bump a vehicle to irrelevancy and apply the mechanic they used for the gepard. Which have a similar system for alternate belts in place

It doesn’t belong to top tier. 10.0 or around it, not 12.0

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Indeed. 2S6 now is way too much better than the OTO and still has lower BR, and the only reason of keeping OTO such rediculous BR is it can carry up to 11 apfsds rounds, which is basically non-sense because we already have 2S38 in 10.0 now.


This is just a nonsense proposition, the OTOMATIC was designed, built and tested with APFSDS shells. It could be lowered to BR 10.7 as it is, but for GJ to assign BR considering the statistics, it will never happen.

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Well the OTO is supposed to have 3 round drums for the APSDS rounds but Gajin just gave the OTO the same mechanics as the Gepard which makes it overpowered. The reason I say this is its going to be ages before Gajin fixes this and Italy should be able to get a decent SPAA in 10.3 range. Having APSDS rounds shouldn’t be the main priority of the OTO cause killing tanks isn’t its main job.

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It doesn’t make sense, because if you nerf it and give it BR 10.3 nothing changes because even at that BR there are planes and helicopters with AGM and GBU that can easily stay out of reach of the OTOMATIC.

It’s a game not real life, you have to stay in the spawn the whole game because you don’t have APFSDS to defend yourself and then be destroyed by AGM or GBU launched from 8/10km, this would be the result of this stupid change that you want.

Um no, the OTO has a very long range due to it having roland radar. GBUs can kill almost any SPAA in the game right now, even the pantsir. The only reason its worse in its current BR is cause most of the jets have GBUs but in 10.3 only a select few of aircraft get access to GBUs.

And you’re acting like it isn’t any different in 11.3. Most of the vehicles you cant even pen due to the insane armor they have. Also you should play smart to avoid getting hit by a AGM, go into the trees or behind hills cause most of the time the OTO detects a helicopter before they even find you. Also the stock round isn’t even that bad, I have killed a few tanks using it or even with the heat rounds.

I absolutely agreed should go down to 10.3 or 10.7

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Right now there are only a few BR 10.3 aircraft that can carry GBU or fire and forget AGM, but as time goes on more will be added, so the situation would not change. Then let me tell you destroying tanks with the OTOMATIC is a lot of fun.

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Well that’s a issue cause Italy needs SPAA cause just how little there are right now. There’s plenty of vehicles that could be added that are around the same thing but they are actually for fighting tanks.


Besides, why not, why not propose the fake anti-aircraft proposed by Ansaldo as an evolution of the OTOMATIC…

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I feel like with only 12 APFSDS rounds the thing would be fine going down.

I’d be fine making a OTO early without APFSDS rounds for 10.3 then give the current one full APFSDS belts or at least double the current one.


Agreed. Bring it down in BR

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OTOMATIC Prototipo
The prototype of the OTOMATIC on a Leopard 1 hull could be the solution, if GJ decided to add it to a smaller BR he could equip it only with HE-MOM and SAPOM shells, so we would have two OTOMATIC that would satisfy everyone, also because two identical SPAAGs would not have sense.


The solution is not to add a new vehicle, it is to lower the BR of the OTOMATIC to BR10.0. Now in the game it is simply absurdly high.

And I’m tired of Gaijin modifying their game stats to keep Russian vehicles OP like 2S38.
No one believes Gaijin’s stats, to keep BRs down they started creating battles where Russia was on both teams great way to keep Russian BRs down.


Without APFSDS the prototype on the Leopard1 hull could be at BR 9.3 and would be an excellent SPAAG very efficient against CAS.

The thing is it doesn’t need to be at 9.0 - 9.7 cause there’s the SIDAM. The OTO would be fine in 10.3 - 10.7.

Honestly if you removed the APFSDS, I think 10.3br would still be too high, as you have SAMs like the FlaRakPz 1, Roland, XM975, etc at the same BR, and those are so much better against air targets than the otomatic. With the removal of APFSDS, this would have to be 9.7br at maximum.

Heck currently, the otomatic in general with apfsds is still too high br, and it should be 10.3br at maximum or 10.0br at the minimum considering the LvKv 9040C at 10.0br and can carry a lot more apfsds shells.