HSTV-L vs 2S38

Dude, you need to stop with this misinformation.
There’s no limitation of 2S38 & HSTV-L IRL.

Chally 2nd stage reload is also 18 second, which is on the faster side of things.
Reloading FROM 2nd stage into the gun is around 9 seconds.

And a list of Soviet vehicles that are incorrect in a manner that makes them worse:
Mig-29: Energy retention.
2S38: All the ammo should be part of the staging like HSTV-L & currently isn’t.
R-73s still have a chance of spiraling to the ground after launch.
Yak-28’s engines still starve with little downward pitch; it can still tri-pod on landing.
Mi-28NM has existing weapons missing from pylons that can equip them.

Sprut-M has a worse reverse speed than the previous Sprut.

Non-bug related hilarious:
Mig-29SMT is the worst at dogfighting above 11.7.
Pantsir is defeated purely by being fast [above mach 0.9].
BVM’s turret is quite literally penned by 10.3s, just avoid the ERA like people avoid the turret cheeks of Abrams.

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Let me go super sonic in my gr7 and i will see if you are right

The HSTV-L doesn’t carry 140+ rounds of ammunition.

The 2S38 IRL is designed as an SPAA and is not meant to engage MBTs yet in War Thunder Gaijin rewards poor design with arcade gameplay.

The APFSDS load of the 2S38 needs to be limited like every other SPAA in the game.


SIDAM ,Gepard ,M247(limited Anti air round) these all should not have problem bringing full load rounds of choices


i believe you have not played that after the update

This is true, but also just points to how patchwork the fix of 12 rounds is implemented.

The loading system has 2 tracks, but the APFSDS drum only contains 3 rounds, with 9 round as “Ready rack” To reload that drum.

An actual solution would be having 3 shot apfsds and a seperate ready rack for that shell type.

As for ammo count its just wether the darts fit in hull storage or not. Would be somewhat of a suprise if they didn’t given front hull storage doesn’t seem space limited

An actual solution would require a rework of the ready rack system. And would potentially impact vehicles like the CV90 where it has 3 “ready racks” And not one. It would also impact a lot of french revolver autoloaders where they have extra bustle round ready to fire for the right occasion. Presumably AP.


there are many things in this game that are not ment in real life. The 2S38 does not have any ammo limitation in real life deal with it.

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The 2S38 can engage targets traveling at a maximum speed of 1 800 km/h. It is also effective against ground targets, vehicles, and infantry holed-up in buildings and field fortifications. Its 57 mm ammunition is much more lethal than that 30 mm rounds of the 2S6 Tunguska or 23 mm rounds of the ageing ZSU-23-4 Shilka. This 57 mm cannon will easily defeat most modern armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery systems and other armored vehicles. However its ammunition load is rather limited, as only 148 rounds are carried.

The 2S38 has an associated 9T260 ammunition resupply vehicle. It is based on an Ural-4320 or Ural-63704-0010 military truck with 6x6 configuration. It carries 57 mm rounds for the main gun, as well as cooling liquid for the cannon. It takes 20 minutes to reload the SPAAG. The 9T260 can reload two 2S38 SPAAGs simultaneously.

The vehicle’s limited supply IRL necessitates its own specific ammo resupply vehicle for quick reloading.

The limitation of its ammo is its hard stowage. The same as every other SPAA in the game.

There is not a “limit” for the Otomatic’s APFSDS round in that it can’t take more in to battle, the limit is artificial as otherwise an SPAA vehicle would be running around destroying MBTs in quick fashion. This would be stupid gameplay which abuses War Thunder’s arcade movement and aiming.

The same artificial nerf is not given to the 2S38 despite producing the same exact issue. An SPAA tank masquerading as a kill bot destroying MBTs.

The 2S38’s APFSDS count should be limited the same way every single other SPAA in the game is limited.


u r talking pure bs here

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How so?

Why can’t the Gepard take all APDS rounds?

Why can’t the Otomatic take all APFSDS rounds?

What’s the limit preventing this?


who need dog fight when have good missile to compensate it? ofc is not the best but good enough don’t suffer or anything compared to MiG-29G everything on SMT have better radar more flare G only thing it better is it being lighter, but SMT is not bad in every category maybe Russians need to know a little bit how to fly their jet perhaps?

lol That thing even has a hard time intercept slow flying storm shadow irl because i don’t know maybe Russian stuff are sht after all

Ariete also have weak turret that can be pen by 10.3 or even lower but i don’t see any Italian players complain much compared to Russian main (I don’t mean you) that cry about anything that can kill them.


Arietes have been a topic of discussion for years now, but isn’t that widespread because not many people play Italy in the first place.


Ofc who else would play that when it had nothing worth playing at the first place Gaijin never try to make Italy more fun to play that why few sadistic people playing it.

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I’ve played some higher tier Italy, albeit long time ago and they’re mediocre at best.
I wonder what’s so special about Italy and it’s vehicles that Gaijin thinks they’re worthy of that BR.

They supposed to have best light armored vehicles and pick up enemy at long range due to Italian army doctrine and yes they do the problem is the map make it unplayable

And I’ve been playing against Pantsirs since they released, I only died to one and I was intentionally being reckless.
Gepard literally has the APDS feed box on the sides of the gun.
Not sure about M247.
There’s no such limitation on other vehicles. Not HSTV-L or 2S38 for example.

Gepard late variants are standard loaded full of FAPDS and APDS, the dimensions of these two rounds are identical and could be swapped in the feed system. Nobody would actually fill their Gepard with APDS for both racks IRL but there is no physical restriction on doing so for an arcade game.


Ah yes, another argument claiming simulator isn’t a genre.

Do you ever stay on topic?

They are claiming War Thunder is an arcade game. Nowhere did they say that simulator is a genre.

War thunder is neither an arcade game, or a simulator, it lies somewhere inbetween. End of discussion.

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