How to resolve the issue on getting the 2S38 to be balanced

So I’m sure that most people can agree that they 2S38 is one of the most overpowered ground vehicle in 10.0, which makes it pretty unbalanced in said battle rating.
Most of the country’s in 10.0 have a pretty good balance with vehicles like Russia having the BMP-2M while USA has the M3A3 Bradley and Italy having the VCC-80/30 or even Germany having the PUMA. The same can be said for other vehicles but naming every vehicle would take a bit to name all of them. but when we take a look at the 2S38 there’s not many vehicles that can preform as well 2S38.

The 2S38 gets a 57mm with a reload rate of 0.5 seconds and has a max penetration of 225mm of penetration with its best round, it also gets 2nd generation thermals (correct me if I’m wrong) Most vehicles with around the same specs such as HSTV-L which has a 75mm with a auto loader that gets around a 1.5 reload rate and has a max penetration of 276mm, and the HSTV-L is 11.3.

Another vehicle that surprisingly has around the same specs is the OTOMATIC, its 76mm gets a reload of 0.5 seconds same as the 2S38 and has a max penetration of 311mm with its best round, and yes I understand that amount is almost 100mm more penetration but that’s not to mention the OTOMATIC was also heavily nerfed and it has 11.3 battle rating.
So what I see is most country’s that have around the same type of vehicle either get put in 11.0+ battle rating or is heavily nerfed, or even both and yet the Russians get the same type of vehicle in 10.0?

What are you’re guys views on this issue and how do you think it could be fixed?
(Also please correct me on the specs if I made a mistake)


It will go up when people start doing well enough in it. Like 99% of those playing it just hold W or tunnel vision.

That’s not totally true. 60%-70% of 2S38 players that are seen in battles are level 80-100 getting 4-5 kills.

Also to add onto that.
Most of the players that use them purchase the combo of the 2S38 and Su-25k to help with the grind in Russia.

Really? At least the ones i face are all horrible. I get the first shot 90% of the time and every time i can one shot them by aiming center mass.

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Maybe, but lets be real it should have been up there from the start.


Sweden has similar vehicle at 10.0 in Strf 9040C.

2S38 could go one or two BR steps up, alongside OTOMATIC and HSTV-L moving down a notch, which I think would be perfectly fine.


Another issue I see is the 2S38 is a pretty big money maker for Gajin so making more balanced might make the players that own it upset which isn’t good for Gajin.


Just put it at 11.0+, it would still be perfectly fine


Your nick tells a lot tbh.
Even with spall liner, it can disable any mbt in moments because of it’s firerate. There are a lot of 2s38 in 11.7 games easily making a few kills. Why is it at 10.0 if hstvl and otomatic that are worse or at most on par with 2s38 are 11.3?


It was released in the update “Fire and Ice” on october 26nd 2022 - nothing is going to happen with it. Give it a rest.

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T-72B is better than 2S38 at 10.0 by far.
BMP-2M & M3A3 are equivalents, and I prefer M3A3 personally since its maneuverability is better.

As long as Strf 9040C goes to 10.7, and HSTV-L to 12.0 yeah.
Gotta keep everything balanced.

Comparing MBT to IFV/AA. Of course if you play both of them as MBT, MBT would be better.

Equal mobility, 9040C maybe has better survivability. Everything else is on 2s38 side. It’s smaller, quieter, better AA, and generally more firepower.

HSTV-L has better mobility and survivability. Penetration is also higher, but for one HSTV-L shot, 2s38 makes 3 shots, which allows it to disable enemy a lot easier (not even counting hstvl limited ammo count). HSTVL also doesnt even have any aa capability,

I can’t see 9040C being the same BR or higher than 2s38, HSTV-L at most should be the same BR. Compared to other “similar” vehicles, 2s38 is overly undertiered


ive been playing a lot of 9-11 these days.

I often, if not allways see a 2S38 with green or blue “shield”

And i NEVER see the HSTV-L with one.

nor have i seen the Strf do it.

The 2S38 have IRST target tracking system AND maybe the best proxy nades in the game (6 meter trigger radius)

The Strf have no tracking system and only 4 meter trigger radius.

The 2S38 have a better APFSDS than the Strf but lower firerate.

The HTSV have a better APFSDS, but only 26 shells and no proxy nor tracking system.

So PLEASE enlighten me how the absolut f you can dream up they need a higher BR than the 2S38…


IRST doesn’t increase its BR because it’s a 9.3 SPAA at 10.0 because of its APFSDS.
Just like OTOMATIC being a 9.7 - 10.0 SPAA up-BR’d because it has DM23 equivalent APFSDS of slightly lighter mass.

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Even here in your logic you say that 2s38 is undertiered as hell.
9.3 SPAA with UNLIMITED APFSDS - 10.0, +2 BR steps
10.0 (notice how I even take your higher boundary) with VERY LIMITED APFSDS - 11.3, +4 BR steps.
Even by your logic 2s38 should be at least 10.7 (or otomatic should be at most 10.7 with also bringing hstvl down, but we dont want that, right?)

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If OTOMATIC is 10.7, then 2S38 would be less than that.
HSTV-L is drastically superior to both OTOMATIC & 2S38.

As I said, it’s either 2s38 at 10.7, or otomatic at 10.7, not both. (keep in mind, I don’t agree with this, i’m just following the logic of yours that I disagree with). So otomatic goes 10.7, 2s38 stays 10.0 (which again, I dont agree with).

How in the hell is it “drastically superior”? The only thing it is actually better than 2s38 is mobility and survivability. That’s it. Everything else 2s38 takes a win


I want OTOMATIC at 11.0, and 2S38 at 10.3 personally.
HSTV-L is smaller, faster, more pen, with more effective armor.

2S38 is almost anti-everything, it could lock the heli far from 5km, which means most of the helis under 10.0 is unplayable when the 2s38 at the opposite. and because it has over 200mm penetration ammunition, so it is also much better than CV9040s. The only issue is if it really better than HSTV, if 2S38 is 10.0, I think HSTV only worth 10.7 or 11.0