Opinions of the state of minor nations in War Thunder

🚀 Hey fellow pilots, captains and tank commanders!
Let’s talk about something close to our hearts - the minor nations in War Thunder.
We all know they’re out there, fighting the good fight alongside the big 3-4. But do they get the love and attention they deserve? Let’s find out with a quick poll:

Which nation suffers the most
  • Italy
  • France
  • Japan
  • China
  • Sweden
  • Israël
  • Great Britain
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What aspect of gameplay do you believe is the toughest for minor nations?
  • Vehicle diversity
  • Lack of high-tier vehicles
  • Matchmaking struggles
  • Economy (research and vehicle costs)
  • Lack of vehicle additions despite of available options
  • Other (share your thoughts)
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the current state of minor nations in War Thunder?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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Do you think the developers should focus more on improving minor nation tech trees, or do you prefer they concentrate on other aspects of the game?s
  • Improving minor nation tech trees
  • concentrate on other aspects of the game (leave (detailed)information to what you would like to see improved, and how the developers can possibly do it.
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5. Any suggestions or ideas on how War Thunder could better support minor nations; if so, leave (detailed)information in the reply section and eleborate your reason.

Feel free to drop your opinions below! Let’s show some love to those minor nations and help make War Thunder even more awesome for everyone! ✈️🚚💥

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Question 4 is useless since the title makes the result biased anyways. So it isn’t usable.


I leave the question open, due to some people wanting other stuff being added instead of minor nations. If it gets left out to much, i’ll remove it.

Thanks for the heads-up!

That’s not what i mean. People will answer it, but the result isn’t usable.

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Do you have any recommendations when it comes to adding questions?

Keep them neutral

Don’t influence the answers ( i e. the poller isn’t ever allowed to voice his own opinion when presenting the poll)

Do not ever answer your own poll.


The first question is hard.

Sweden is definitely the best-treated minor nation.

Well the UK could be better but I think it’s good.

I say the worst is between Israel, Japan, and France.

Why not Italy? The sub-tree helped pull it out of a number of its problems. (even if it could have been done better.)

This is a very good post, I would like to add a quick insight on my thoughts though.

Personally I don’t think anyone nation is the ‘most suffering’ out of all, yes certain trees suffer more than others however it is more a collection of trees that are sort of left to die.

Imo France, UK, Italy and Japan all suffer pretty badly, and whilst yes Italy’s ground lineup is the worst at top tier, its air lineup is now very potent having an F-16, Mig-29, Gripen, Tornado x2, and a Harrier II (before the US i may add). and although originally the most forgotten nation recently the last year of updates has been very generous to them giving them both a HU ground and air tree (although air is very barebones right now) as well as several unique and interesting features/vehicles before many Major nations like F&F missiles such as the Spike.

Japan has also suffered quite a bit as its arguably the tree in the most dire need of a Sub-tree yet is going to be the second last minor nation (barring Israel) to get one, it also has some of the worst early ranks for Ground and whilst its air is good, a lot of its aircraft end up overtired because people don’t seem to have the Intelligence to know not to Turnfight Zeros.

The UK has suffered because its just sort of ignored, it has more than enough potential to be a Major nation on its own yet its players have been ignored, They ask for a light tank Line yet they get a SA subtree, they ask for more diverse top tier they get another Challenger (this one has a slightly better engine!) and so on. It also doesn’t help that Gaijin has left the Commonwealth addition in a weird sort of Limbo, meaning its both impossible for Britain to gain fully from the commonwealth yet its also almost impossible for a Seperate commonwealth Tree to be made.

France is just well, France… it’s the most Unique of the Minor nations with very little of its domestic Productions being found elsewhere however it just lacks in diversity because of this, and like Britain they have sort of been forgotten. Despite having many unique options to help it, it’s been left behind aside for a few select choices around the place, its Naval especially leaves a lot to be desired.

Israel is a very touchy subject right now, Gaijin cant afford to give them much focus due to current issues and just doesn’t have much Domestic options that aren’t variants of other nations vehicles, thus just cant be a unique tree without external help through a subtree, yet almost any nations it could use wouldn’t bring much to the table, the only realistic one being South Africa which is already taken by the UK.

In conclusion they all suffer differently and imo there’s not a clear way to determine the most suffering nation, had you asked a few years ago i would have said Italy (had I remembered it existed, it was that forgettable) yet now after all its had over the last year and a bit its quite hard to properly say whether it suffers much it just depends on what happens in the future. The biggest issue is the “minor nation syndrome” where people spend less money and time on minor nations so gaijin sees them as less profitable and gives them less, which means people spend even less time and money and leads to this runaway effect where gaijin prioritizes its biggest cash cows (which right now are the US, Russia, Germany and Sweden) over the ones nobody is playing


Seeing the most OP tech tree on this list is funny.
On top of that, people voting Japan? Perspectives are perspectives I guess.
TBH I haven’t had issue with any tech tree and don’t believe in the “minor tree” narrative.

Especially since at least 3 of the tech trees are treated better than USSR. :)
Coincidentally they have the least votes.

And you forget a minor nation in the all 6?
Well, Sweden is a major nation in Ground maybe

personally I don’t think Sweden suffers that much tbh, they have some of the best Ground lineups with plenty of Variety and air is pretty good aside from a few spots here and there, for a minor nation sweden is pretty well off compared to others in my opinion

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Yeah i should predicted nobody cares China :(

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China is in a sort of weird middle ground between a Major and Minor nation, Its a good nation for people who want both Russian and US vehicles without having to research individual trees I wouldn’t say it suffers, although Gaijin doesn’t seem to treat it like a massive cash cow like the other Major nations

Well it’s interesting that I hear China suffers a lot mote than Japan
Japan have the fastest reload time at top, a really good SAM, they even have these vehicles that dont exist like F-16AJ, R2Ys or Ho-Ri
And for China we coulds see lots of posts like this:
In fact at this forum i could see a post about “Delete China” every month and more in other communitys

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personally that’s not how I see it but im not active across every part of the community so cant cover all the bases, it was simply just my opinion on what I thought and obviously people will have different views from me, I just feel that china is a pretty well rounded nation whereas japan completely lack vehicles, especially in air, after rank V.

Again as i’ve already stated its my opinion only and people won’t necessarily have the same viewpoints as me, i’m trying my best to just state what I feel and avoid Bias for certain nations, every nation will only be given as much attention as it brings money to gaijin, and ill admit im surprised china hasn’t become one of the Big 3 yet given the absolutely massive Chinese Player base War Thunder has


I believe there’s not so many Swedish players :)
And many Chinese players dont care the part before Tier 4 (these WW2 copy and paste TT) while often evaluate a nation just because it’s strong in the top tier

So i think it might be meaningless to say which nation is biased without saying in which mode and which BR, even considering C&P vehicles or not
Japan Air TT have almost nothing after Rank V, while China Ground vehicles really suffers in top. Maybe it’s a total result of the nation matchmaker which be made 10 years ago?

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All you have to do to realize minor nations suffer big time is look at which jets they decided to downtier in the upcoming BR changes. Coincidentally they’re all the strongest jets at the BR, and coincidentally they’re all American and Russian! (And German)


Honestly it’s Israel. Merkava 4 is the 2nd worst top tier MBT (after Ariete, and even then devs are planning to give Ariete spall liners), it has basically no advantages compared to others except the gun has a good reload now (but even then it’s worse than the Abrams). Add on to that, it has nothing else at top tier, no SPAA or light tank options.

Israel in general is also a terrible tree, it’s like 1/3 Magachs, the most boring tank in the game, and there’s only 2 light tanks in the whole tree, both of which are rank 4.

All minor nations are actually fairly equal in planes, every nation has decent fighter and attacker options for most tiers. Though as UK, Italy, and Sweden have Gripens they have the best top tier planes, but the F-15s, F-16s, Mirage 4K, and even the boat of the J-11 aren’t that far behind. Though, I think Japan has the worst grind just because of the F-4EJ. The Thai F-5 has helped that greatly though.

For helis, I’d say Japan might be the worst cause they lack a top tier choice, and I don’t even think they have one IRL.

uh, what are you on about

i as a Sweden player admit Japan suffer more than us