Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

God forbid a EUROPEAN build anything good lmao

I’m curious to see what Gaijin will do to make the MICA-EM worse than the R-77 and how they’ll try to justify it.

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Im just waiting for R-77s to work down to 50ft and all other ARH to not work below 500ft

Guess the French will surrender to something else… their fate at the hands of gaijin

T’would be a standard Gaijin manoeuvre.

There is a list of Italian EF-2000 suggestions:


Though imo they will add AMRAAMs to older platforms first.

Standard implies they’ve actually ever dome something different

I will be surprised if both

A)Aim-120Bs get DL


B) the Sea Harrier FA2 gets DL

Im expecting one or both to be missing


add “the Tornado F.3 upgrade doesn’t come/comes as the non-existent CSP format”

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Before Typhoon

UK: AMRAAM for Sea Harrier FA2 (and maybe Tornado F3 AoP) and R-Darter for the Gripen
Germany: AMRAAM for F4F-ICE
Italy: AMRAAM for F-16A, AV-8B+ and Gripen

So 1-2 updates before Typhoon I think from ARH being added. But only so long they can wait for Germany


I personally reccomend grabbing the f4f because both it and the f104g are quite good for thier br. They’re good grinders on thier own and the f4f makes pretty good cas even though there’s no lineup for it. The mig line is more a2a focused but quite fun though so its kind of a toss up.

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Oh, when it comes to grinders, I already got a Talismanned F-4F Early! It’s what I am using to grind, hahah.

When it comes to CAS in Ground Battles, I don’t play CAS at all- it’s against my code, hahahah.

When I grind planes, it’s always with the A2A focus of Air RB, so… mig line it is, then! I will jump straight to MiG-29G once I get it, hahah. I really want to try those R-73s to compare them with AIM-9G.

Thanks for the advice though! ^^

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The F-4F should have its AIM-9Js replaced with 9Ls and be moved up to 11.0, however.

Meanwhile im sat hoping for this sooner rather than later



I shall have my revenge against those Pantsirs

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“Got it. Brimstones have 2km range and Pantsirs are fully automatic.”

We are genuinley expecting them to:

  • Have barely any range
  • require laser designation before firing
  • do bugger all damage to anything
  • loose track constantly

But at least the Pantsir cant intercept ALL 12-18 of them


That’s why you go CAP since dogfighting in ground RB is like 100x more fun than air RB because it has no stupid markers and no dogpiling (and you get to kill CAS).

When are we getting anti-radar missiles?


May 32nd 2024


Yes please

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