Eurofighter Typhoon IPA2

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New photos show Eurofighter Typhoon with Storm Shadow cruise missiles - The Aviationist
Description: The EF2000 Typhoon IPA2 is a Tranche 1 Eurofighter that was used to test new weapons and systems for the next variants (Tranche 2). But first, here is a summary of the history of the Eurofighter. The development started in 1983 in the ambit of the New European Fighter Program, a program that involved Italy, Germany, the UK, Spain, and France. But after some years, France left the project to make their own fighter, the Dassault Rafale (France left because they wanted leadership on the program,a fact that the other nations never accepted). After the definitive existence of France,some years later, the first technological demonstrator, the Bae Eap, flew in Britain in August 1986. The companies involved in the project were Bae Sistems (Britain), Airbus (Germany), Alenia Aereonautica,Now Leonardo (Italy), and ITP Aereo (Spain). The first prototypes were DA (development aircraft), and the first one of seven, the German DA1, flew for the first time on March 27, 1994, followed by the British DA2 on April 6, 1994. In total, there were 7 prototypes: DA1, DA2, DA3, DA4, DA5, DA6, and DA7. The first contract was signed on January 30, 1998, for a total of 148 Trance 1 aircraft (55 for the UK, 44 for Germany, 29 for Italy, and 20 for Spain), and serial production of the first version, the Trance 1, started in 2000. In 2004, 236 started production of the second version, the Trance 2. In 2009, started the production of 112, the third version, the Trance 3 and In the future, we will probably start production of the fourth version, Trance 4. Today, there are three variants of the Eurofighter (Tranche 1, Tranche 2, and Tranche 3), and after the four countries that developed and operated the aircraft (UK,Italy, Germany, and Spain), others bought it (Austria, Arabia, Saudi Arabia,Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar), and others in the future will probably buy it (Switzerland,Bangladesh, Indonesia, and others). Talking about this aircraft in specific,the IPA2 (Istrumental Production aircraft) is a Trance 1 Eurofighter that was modified to carry new weapons such as the Storm Shadow cruise missile and the TACAN navigation system. It flew with these new weapons on November 27, 2013, at the base of Decimomannu in Sardinia,Italy. The tests were made to prove that the aircraft was able to carry the MBDA Storm Shadow cruise missile (used by both the RAF and AMI in 2011 against Libya on the Tornado IDS), and other tests were made in Scotland jointly with the British IPA6 (that was testing MBDA Meteor missiles) in November 2015. After this prototype, the Storm Shadow was officially put into service in 2015 on the Trance 2 variant. This aircraft is also capable of carrying AIM9L and AIM120 AMRAAM anti-aircraft missiles. It was also capable of carrying the PIRATE sensor, and the radar was the CAPTOR.

Why it should be in the game: It will be a Trance 1 capable of carry the weapons of a Trance 2 and 3, basically it will has the same weapons at a lower BR. it will be perfect as a squadron veichle.



Crew: 2
Length: 15.96 m
Wingspan: 10.95 m
Height: 5.28 m
Empty weight: 11,000 kg
Gross weight: 16,000 kg
Max takeoff weight: 23,500 kg
Fuel capacity: 4,996 kg
Powerplant: 2x Eurojet EJ 200 with a total of 6m kn of thrust (Normal) and 90 kn of thrust (with afterburner)
Max speed: 2490 km/h
Range: 2,900 km



Air to air missiles: Aim 9L,Aim 132 ASRAAAM, AIM 120A AMRAAM, AIM 120B AMRAAM, AIM 120C AMRAAM, MBDA Meteor, IRIS-T
Cruise Missiles: MBA Storm Shadow
Bombs: Enchaced Paweway IV, Enhanced Paweway II, Enhanced Paweway III,GBU 10,GBU 16, GBU 48, EGBU-16, MK82, MK83, MK84, BL755, MK84, MK83, MK82
Anti Tank Missiles: Brimstone II, Dual Mode Brimstone
Fuel tanks
Pilons: 13
Targeting Pods: Litening II, Sniper



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+1, we could use more test aircraft like this, in order to fill gaps, especially in minor trees

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+1 it would be great to play

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If ya want this, they gotta also add flankers, Eagles, and probably the rafale too, maybe also the f18 hornet

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God how we need the F18 to end the A7 tree <3

I’d have no issue with that. Currently some nations are playable some arent. Till typhoon, multiple nations will remain unplayable in top tier. Skip all nations forward recreate level playing field. All nations viable