Eurofighter Typhoon ISPA6 (MM55169)

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Description: The Eurofighter ISPA6 (MM55169, registrated as IT014) is an Italian Trance 3 Eurofighter, and it’s the last instrumental Eurofighter that was made. It made its first flight back on December 23, 2020. Later after being delivered to the Italian air force, it was requested to be used as the testbed for a new configuration, P3EB (P-3 Enhancement Software). It’s serial number was temporary changed in CSX 55169 during the tests.This configuration includes, as the main modification, the installation of the AESA ECRS MK-0 radar, the Loockhed Martin Sniper and Enchanced Sniper Pod, the P5 ACMI pod, and new weapons such as the GBU-31 JDAM and unguided bombs (it is also integrated with all the Trance 3 Eurofighter weapons). The ISPA6 alongised the other Italian development and istrumental Eurofighter ISPA4 and IPA2 were selected to develop and test the new configuration. The ISPA6 was used in a lot of test flights that started on March 3, 2020, and concluded on March 27, 2020, in collaboration with others Italian Air Force Eurofighter to test the new radar. After those trials, it performed other flight tests, such as the test of the electronic countermeasures. All the test parts were very difficult, but everything was concluded within the expected timeframe. Later the aircraft returned with the serial number MM55169 to Italian air force.There is not much else to say about ISPA6 since there is not even more information about what it is doing now, but presumably it will be used for the future configuration of the Eurofighter, being the last and most advanced instrumental aircraft.

Why it should be in game: ISPA6 tecnologically is the most advanced Eurofighter Typhoon in Europe for now. It will be a very good addition for the Italian tec tree in the future



Length: 15.96 m
Wingspan: 10.95m
Wing arrow: 53°
Height: 5.28 m
Wing area: 51.20 m²
Empty weight: 11 150 kg
Load weight: 16 000 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 23 500 kg
Capacity: 5 000 kg
Engine: 2x Eurojet EJ-200 with a max of 90 kn each
Max speed: 2495 km/h
Climb rate: 315 m/s
Range: 1 389 km
Tangency: 19 812 m
3x Fuel Tank
Flares and Chaff
DASS protection sistem
Radar: ECRS MK-0
Pirate sistem



1x 27 mm Mauser cannon with 150 rounds
Air to Air Missiles
6x Aim-9L
6x Aim-9L/I
6x Aim-9L/I-1
6x Aim-120A
6x Aim-120B
6x Aim-120C
6x MBDA Meteor
Bombs (Guided and Unguided)
12x BL-755
12x MK-82
6x MK-83
6x MK-84
6x Enhanced Paveway II
6x Enhanced Paveway III
6x Enhanced Paveway IV
6x GBU-10
6x GBU-16
6x GBU-31
6x EGBU-16
6x GBU-48
6x GBU-24
Air to ground missiles:
18x Brimstone 2
18x Dual Mode Brimstone
Cruise Missiles:
2x MBDA Storm Shadow
2x Kepd 350 Taurus
Anty ship missiles:
6x Marte-ER
2x RBS-15 F-ER
Litening IV and V
Enchanced Sniper


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+1 italy needs all his versions of eurofighter

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