Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Four suggestions with the 40MM CTA for UK

40mm CTA suggestions

General Dynamics UK AJAX: The Auto-cannon Special
Warrior 2 / Warrior CSP
Patria AMV (Lockheed Martin 40mm Modular Turret) - "Exporting Excellence"


Except the Patria (wich looks completly like the cousin of the VBCI2 in a really similar picture), they almost all looks the same ^^


The slender cousin

Ajax looks cool, similar to CVs, but i dont like the “model/shape” of this camo net ^^

Also Lockheed martin turret? So an US turret?


i like the FRES the most as i think we should adopted it

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None of them are adopted for now ?

None of them yet but the Ajax which still isn’t in service

The Warrior is still our IFV until the Ajax is fully adopted


So i guess an upgraded warrior is just some test and never gonna be adopted if you already are going toward Ajax ?

Or you gonna adopte multiple of them ? Good luck with the maintenance xD

These lost to the Ajax

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Eww, team track win again haha.

the FRES CV90 was better then Ajax in my mind but whatever i just want one of them

The Warrior didnt loose to the Ajax both projects were running parallel

The Ajax was a replacement for the Scimitar CVR(T)

Also there are like 2 more 40mm CTA tanks such as the Tracer Sika

and the glorious Lancer FMP that has a radar and a mega mast


Nice HE catcher :p

Whatever happened to the Dutch CV that France was leaked to be getting? Anything in the files? I can’t remember.

We will see and time will tell but im betting a sub tree dowm the line

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Yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go whole hog on it too.

Well we will see i have a feeling that minor nations are gonna gradually get sub trees


Nahh that would be crazy

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Did gaijin disable in game chat?


Still Dutch would be a really strange choice, specially when you have more logical ones.
(i think the logic here is BeNeLux for France but even there this CV is really not the closest logical possible vehicle to add from this group…)

Has it ever happened that vehicles appear in a nation’s datamine and are only there temporarily because they don’t yet know where to put them?