Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

yeah , as a France main I would be happy that we have a subtree
but if it another finland ground subtree or hungary air subtree situation then I don’t think I really want it

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Sort of. An example that pops into my mind is how the model of the Kw.K. 38 conversion of the AMD 35 (le.Pz.Spw. 204 (f) (5cm)) was and is denoted as French (fr_amd_35_kwk), but it came to the German tree.

Yet in this case, it’s copium to think the CV9035NL is not for France, unless plans change.


Thanks, at least this open the possibility that this Dutch CV is just here for now, waiting an official country to go with.

NVM, didn’t see the last sentence.

Have there been any other examples?

Yeah but i hope it’s not Dutch alone if that’s the case.

Belgium and even Swiss are more logical to come, strong ties with the countries, Dutch alone would sound really stupid to me, and block futur potential “realistic and logical” subTT.

And let’s not forget that France really doesn’t need subTT, you can make a tree as big as the big 3, and still only have things produced in-house… Crazy Shiton of stuff can come at probably every BRs/era, but sure when they don’t work on some gap for more than 6 years, they can go the easy way i think… Really sad.

So this would confirme that they’re really lazy about France since years if they make it easy to add a subTT over the number of French vehicle awaiting.

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If it is part of a new nation, I’m assuming it’ll be the Netherlands or Switzerland as a main nation with the other three being sub nations without separate lines.

Are you talking about some kind of European catch-all nation?

BeNeLux + Switzerland.

I think I said it before but I have a bad feeling that Gaijin will give Netherlands to France and Belgium to germany so they can easily add copy past for both france and germany lol (like mirage 3 for germany and Leo to france…)

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Even though the Netherlands has much closer ties to Germany.

What a nightmare if something like that happen…

Imagine putting these 2 communities in the same pot and spitting on them together, how the forum would go up in flames xD

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And Belgium to France.

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Unfortunately, Gaijin will always choose the path of least resistance.

At least in this idea, doubt Germans would not resist with us.

Doubt they would like Leo to France.

I would much rather have the small gap between the AMX-30B2 BRENUS and the AMX-32 105 than have a Leopard in the French tree.

I don’t call that a gap honestly.

And if you want to fill gap between Amx30 unstabilised, and Amx32s+, we worked on 5 Amx30 with stab, crazy idea for Gaijin i know, but those exist.


The fact that the AMX-30C2 hasn’t been added yet despite everything is honestly baffling.


We have unstabilised tank at the BR of stabilised for almost everybody else, our Amx30s with stab would end 10.0 by Gaijin “StAtIsTiQueS” will.

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Even without one, there’s still things like the Vextra 105 and AMX-10RC TML that would go at those BRs.

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Yeah but why work on long awaited new platform that could fill gap and gameplay still lacking for the TT, when you can copy past a Dutch vehicle x))))

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