Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Premiums and events, yes. No researchable.
Not to ignore the Italian case though… 13 researchable aircraft in the German tree didn’t prevent them for being the first new researchable country to be released.

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Why are you speaking so cryptically and non-sensically as if you know something, but cannot say? You are saying nothing, and then tell Stormy not to read into your nebulous, vague words. Silly.

“All I am saying is that look at the update, as there will be more of it in the coming months.”

No kidding.?!

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@Shadow_CZ @Fireraid233 @BleedingUranium

There 's been an update to the HUD for aircraft carriers in Mobile, I’ve got them on the thread


I have my sources and want to protect them as in this case it would be someone loosing there job.

And the reason why I was being so vague is because I was trying to say something without saying it.

But hey that old information for the time being at least.

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I hope thailand comes to the game bc I need the T-84 Oplot I NEED IT, with all my collectionist and hopium addict heart


Thanks! FYI, probably best just to keep it to yourself then if someone’s job is actually at risk. Just a game, so why even bother with trying to talk around it. No special notoriety for being “in the know” or adding to all the rampant speculation. Especially since you conveyed zero actual info. But, you do you.

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Meh… It’s not DCS, we don’t have ‘chill time’ at the airport for looking people putting in place our loadout.

War Thunder put action really close to the start of the game, little details like that would break the pace of the game.

Sound cool but would not work.

I mean isn’t this the place to spread rumours like this though ?

But I would agree what’s the point in risking there job to leak stuff.
But then again these aren’t gaijin workers they are just 3rd party studios who just takes commissions from them.

Iirc they have quiet a few studios under there belt.

It 's somewhat outdated, but many of the major contributors are here:

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Yea defo some studios missing like the plane one ect

Have now:

( )

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ehhh at least you guys normally only went one maybe 2 updates behind russia, could have been the uk and got the Tronado F3 that was the counterpart of the F14A and get it a full year after it came out, or be stuck for 3 years with the FGR2 a Mig23MLD equivalent as your best fighter. So sure germany defiantly has been shafted to say the same amount as the uk is just wrong


you guys can just wait a few updates after all thats what most uk players were told when we asked for commonwealth planes

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Is it really ?



maybe nuke plane for top tier? I doubt its an actual bomber since it would be higher then the Tu8


Both France and Britain would benefit greatly from getting that. The VBCI with it and either the Ajax or Warrior with it would be amazing.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Gaijin released it with the B-52 in the tech tree, since they are quite famous aircraft and would garner quite a lot of attention.

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Helis that have IRCM are incredibly difficult to lock on to with any missile, and even those without are much more difficult than planes.

So why censor a game? That’s dumb.

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2 VBCIs, one variant of the AMX10RC, and of course the crazy EBRC Jaguar at least could come for France with the CTA40.


(incredible suggestion about this last one made recently, lot of interesting things to read learn about it:
The idea of passive scooting sound really cool to me for top tier)