Patria AMV (Lockheed Martin 40mm Modular Turret) - "Exporting Excellence"

Would you like to see the Patria AMV with the Lockheed Martin 40mm Modular Turret?
  • Yes, as a tech tree vehicle
  • Yes, as a premium vehicle
  • Yes, as an event vehicle
  • Yes, as a squadron vehicle
  • No, I would not like to see the Lockheed turreted Patria AMV in game.
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The history of this particular Patria AMV, fitted with Lockheed Martin UK’s 40mm Modular Turret, stems from the FRES program begun in the early 2000’s. Through years of development experience, Lockheed Martin UK constructed various turrets for the Warrior CSP, and eventually Ajax. Naturally, with such an advanced turret (and a program as long and convoluted as FRES) comes lots of development costs, and exporting systems is one way that companies will try to recoup their spending.

Patria AMV with Lockheed Martin’s turret shown at DVD 2016.

Lockheed Martin UK was experimenting with applying their turret to vehicles besides the FRES program, and decided to showcase it on the ubiquitous Patria AMV. A Patria with the turret was showcased at DVD 2016 with a missile pod holding a single Javelin, while it would also be shown in promotional material with a desert scheme and a twin Javelin pod. This is because Lockheed was targeting an unspecified customer in the Middle East. While the experience of Lockheed Martin UK in developing turrets is hard to ignore, it seems that the turret did not attract any export customers.

Why it should be in War Thunder

Lockheed Martin UK’s special Patria variant has some of the most anti-armor combat potential ever found on a wheeled IFV, filling a critical role in the highest ranks of the British ground tree. It has excellent mobility and protection for its weight class, superb suspension and the incredible firepower of the CTAS40 coupled with fire-and-forget Javelin missiles with a range of 4 kilometers. Coupled with the excellent thermal optics found on Warrior CSP, this vehicle is a keystone of the continued expansion of Britain’s upper echelons.

While this vehicle’s cousin, the 40mm armed Boxer, has some issues with its specifics, this Patria uses the standard Warrior CSP turret developed by Lockheed. Therefore, statistics are easier to find, and the turret can be applied to the Warrior CSP in the future.


Patria AMV (Lockheed Martin 40mm Modular Turret)

Crew: 3 (driver, gunner, commander) + ? dismounts

Weight: ~25 tons (est.)

Engine: Scania diesel (up to 543 hp)

Power/Weight: ~21.7 hp/ton

Transmission: automatic

Max Speed: 100+ km/h road speed


  • Primary: CTAS40 40mm case-telescoped automatic cannon (55 + 15 ready rounds, 100-200 total rounds (estimated)
  • Secondary: 7.62mm machine gun
  • Additional: FGM-148 Javelin (pod of 1 or 2 on left side of turret, potential for more stowed in hull)


  • Hull:
    • Front; level 3 STANAG 4569
    • Sides and rear; level 3 STANAG 4569
    • Anti-mine protection; level 4 4a/4b STANAG 4569
  • Turret:
    • Plasan composite providing protection from 14.5mm armor piercing
    • Tarian anti-RPG netting

Additional equipment:

  • Dual-axis stabilized BGTI thermal imaging sight (same as on Warrior in game, but stabilized)
  • 4 x 2 smoke grenade
  • Laser rangefinder



Holy I didnt think there was enough to even warrant a suggestion tbh… but you did it…defo a high tier 10.0+ AFV and tbh its probs up there with the Ajax


I’d never heard of it, never thought of it and when I saw Lockheed Martin I thought ‘This must have been mislabelled’. After realising it uses the CTA 40MM from LM UK I want it.

Definite +1 from me, bring on the wheeled CTA40’s.

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+1 for Sweden or preferably britain, very fun looking vehicles

I’m all for it for the British since the history/development of the vehicle is British. I’m a bit torn though for it to be in the main tree. I think it would make a good premium or event vehicle. I think the Boxer hull variant would be better for the research tree.


I’m not completely opposed to that but there’s much less information concerning the Boxer variant’s turret. I wasn’t able to confirm whether it had smoke grenades or not and it’s a different profile from the standard Warrior CSP turret


My mind is telling me GB
But my heart telling me SWE
such pains

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There are a plethora of Patria variants you could get for Sweden including wheeled IFVs. I understand how you feel due to the relatively unique armament of this model but it basically has nothing to do with Finland. The only reason the Patria was chosen by LMUK as their chassis to show is because the Patria is extremely popular with export customers.


Yeah i know there’s lots of options but Gaijin is hella slow when it comes to actually implementing Finnish vehicles that aren’t copy paste, 2 patrias so far and 1 is SPAA thats shared with France and the 2nd one is an event vehicle which means not everyone can get it

I’ve seen this IFV before but didn’t know if it was a just some type of demonstrator or what at that point nor the country that was testing it
But i do think GB will probably get the South African Badger which uses the Patria chassis but with a 30mm, there is also the AT variant which just shoots tandem missiles

This was a venture by Lockheed to Export the Warrior turret, so a purely at home venture its probs gonna go to the UK when Finland have their own similar Wheeled IFV in the Patria AMV CV90


Not to get too derailed from the post topic, but I would prefer the Malaysian AV8 ATGW since it has both the 30mm cannon of the Badger LCT30 as well as the ZT3 tandem launchers of the Badger MV wrapped into one turret. The gun has a lower fire rate of 120 RPM compared to the typical 200 RPM of similar caliber weapons, but in exchange it’s more accurate


damn, that’s a sexy turret

Thinking about it, i’m gonna need a top tier IFV for ze brits once i finish 6.3 in it
gimme that event baby

Why would it go to the UK?

  • Lockheed Martin is American
  • Chassis is Finnish
  • Turret consists of mostly French components
  • Javelins are American

It should go to the US if anything.

It’s built by Lockheed Martin UK, which is the British subsidiary.
You could make the same argument about the Bradley being built by BAE, or the CV-90, or the HUD on the F-16 and many many more.

Which would matter if it wasn’t being built around an Anglo-French gun with a British company building it.


my guy made in Britain for Britain


These examples are all in-service with their respective nations. This suggestion is a private venture. Just because the turret was part of a tender for a British project is meaningless - it’s the same line of thinking that’s landed the T-80U in the Swedish TT (which everything agrees is stupid)

Also arguing that Lockheed Martin is a British company because it’s based in Britain is like arguing the Boxer IFV is Australian because there’s a subsidiary manufacturing it in Australia.

The only remotely British thing about this suggestion is the cannon which is mostly French anyway since it was developed in France albeit the Brits threw money at the project.

That not even the same comparison

It was made in Britain for Britain War thunder doesn’t take into account who own the company who made it