Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

again those dont show the whole possible loadouts go look at the german eurofighter thread and look trough it

show me your 9 meteor eurofighter

go look for it yourself have better things to do it is 2 am here, the rails are the same and have the wiring which shows they could be equipped their, i know logic is ahrd for some

Edit: that ones realy not innapropiate, maybe off topic but not innapropiate get a grip of the flagging system guys

my guy… its 2am here too… no excuse

Guys come on


The " Battle of the Atlantic " event ends tomorrow, be sure to post your feedback abt it before then in this thread: ( Battle of the Atlantic: Ships Against Submarines! )

It 's been very interesting to see some of the submarine-related things from the files and WT Mobile here in War Thunder, anyone have some predictions for what we’ll be seeing of them next ?


Considering it’s a WW2 sub this time, fully modelled and even with research points I say yes people say your views, as we could see sub very very soon.

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they only slightly need to modify the Typ VIIC/41 they used to have a starter Sub for Germany, UK, France and thr USSR


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although the USSR’s Type VIIs were all scrapped by the end of 1945 so that’s a bit controversial

no need, just jump into the last 3 messages or Post a Train

Though, all of these nations manufactured submarines of their own …

Wondering abt what this could be, the Mk.9 torpedo in the files implies that atleast one First World War sub could be coming - maybe there could be others ? The performance difference w/ their interwar and WW2 descendants is not always that large - in specific cases such as the British R-classe or the U-Cruisers they outperform later ones in key metrics.

I just remember wrong but Denmark does have F-16´s so basically same thing

Oh God, still recovering from the last major update and all the new bugs and irritating BR moves for old vehicles .I can only pray for an immersive game with era related vehicles on an era related map with a CAS off CAS on option and not having to play the same map 20 times in a row in an uptier . Is that really too much to ask Gaijin I mean really? 11 years ? The 109 artillery piece on every nation at 6BR ? Facepalm.

Denmark is reserved for premium and event vehicles.

Isnt that norway?

Both actually iirc

Well, we dont have any danish vehicles yet, so I dunno why they would be reserved

Nvm I thought Sweden had premium Leopard 1A5DK (it’s 1A5NO)

I know, I know

but! a Type VII for everyone would be the fastest way to start Subs and nobody is going to be missing HMS Graph or La Millie in the tree anyways