Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Yeah, that pic was an illustration in some Eurofighter pamphlet or magazine

and some of stuff made by them only as well

I have a question - what is behind overpowered russian and chinese vehicles? Does gaijin loves it by hearts of the management or they have some money for it?

Its not just chinese and russian ones, its US and german stuff as well, mostly premium stuff
Heck, there are even rather P2W UK helis

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Cause most people play ussr or usa and china has a lot of both

gaijin takes attributes of russian tanks, 180s them and add it

premium stuff is understandable - players pays for that. but not clear for regular vehicles as their in game stats drastically overpowered not only in comparisment of their real efficiency, but also against vehicles same BR of other nations.

I hope you dont mean that like P2W stuff is fine

many of those BR inconsistencies stem from gaijins method of balancing BRs, which they do by comparing match data

What the lynx

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Yeah, the G-Lynx is strictly speaking P2W, it’s an upgrade over the regular Lynx with no apparent downside at the same BR. In reality the extra speed might not come into play much, but still, it’s a unfair advantage when comparing it to the regular Lynx

Before 60s

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Yeah, in modern day it’s just a couple things like the anglo-french Jaguar, the Hawks they use as trainers and the Sea King heli

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welp i bought the south African one

Got both the G-Lynx and the Rooivalk, actually kinda regretting the G-Lynx as I don’t really get to use it, not even in a lineup with the premium chally and rooikat
The Rooivalk definitely is in a weird spot when it comes to balancing with the massive range on the missiles, but a lack of radar and IRCM, but it’s served me well as a heli tree grinder and I actually enjoy using it in heli pve to chill a bit while grinding SL

the missiles are nice i use in top tier but i want the Apache

No, the MiG-29K is Soviet/Russian, not Indian.

How about this

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Pls gib

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this doesnt show all possible loadouts, for one u can take missles instead of the fuel tanks as well and second in the mean time there have been developments of double railings for the meteor missle that make it possible, please dont try correct things if you dont know what others are talking about