Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Well, we dont have any danish vehicles yet, so I dunno why they would be reserved

Nvm I thought Sweden had premium Leopard 1A5DK (it’s 1A5NO)

I know, I know

but! a Type VII for everyone would be the fastest way to start Subs and nobody is going to be missing HMS Graph or La Millie in the tree anyways

Should be all Scandinavian countries aside Finland:

Smin reclarified this position more recently, but I didn’t give myself time to find that post yet.

They should really reconsider that “rule” of some countries being reserved for premiums and events, its really starting to rob some tech trees of interesting and helpful additions


Being used by a nation does not change its nationality.

As long as we don’t have a Type 21 as toptier for every/anyone - might be " balanced " but it would feel boring, esp. when other similar subs are available historically speaking.

France builded it’s own subs, don’t think we ever used Type VII, biiiig doubt on that.

We used the Type VII as war trophies with the Millé and Laubie

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Interesting, didn’t know that.

Yo since I guess I can’t make a damned post, Is there any reason they added launch speed limits to the agm-65b on the f-4f? They didn’t used to be there and i think it’s a bug.

Finland didn’t use F-16s, and Gripen is still in development.

Also why aren’t we to 5000 messages yet?

Because of Off Topic thread


A bit off topic, because i highly doubt subs are coming this december, but oh well, i’ll link that here anyway :


This is the first time WW2 subs have been in the game as well, so they wouldn’t have had enough time to figure out how to implement them properly and then do so.

the type sub physics has been in game for a while though.

Someone even made a mod where you could test drive a type VIIC, although i don’t know if it was an ingame model or if the modder made it himself. I used to mess up with the speed in the mod’s files, to see how going 300 kph underwater would feel like X)

I think april fools 2018 was an early testing (underwater physics, submarine ui, sounds, graphics) and this event was more of a balancing test imo.
I don’t think subs are that far away, difficult to say when exactly, but i’d guess anywhere from March 2024 update to December 2024 update (yeah i’m not taking that much risk)

What part of “WW2 subs” did you not understand?

Yes, assuming they are testing WW2 subs implementation, it wouldn’t make sense for them to develop the models for said subs before the test is conclusive, that’s a fair point.

Your assumption is flawed, because the model was imported from WTM, not created for this event.

ha fair enough, i wasn’t aware of that

Which means, assuming they feel like balancing subs is doable, they still have some work on models to do.
Then again, if they introduce only premiums at first, and only for a few tree (like they usually do) i still think 2024 is possible.

Next update definitely not however, especially considering this one may be more jet oriented