New CAS wave

Yes. CAS is annoying. Yes i play CAS. Yes i die to spaa because i have some skill issues. Yes helicopters are annoying (especialy the KA 50). I play ground mainly for CAS cause it does add a bit of spice to fighter planes. I don’t go in the forum and cry about the Pantsir. I don’t go in the forum and cry about the ocasional F16C or Su25SM3 at 11.0 or the kamovs. Deal with it or come with new ideas that can be put into practice and please use a single thread. Thank you


And you managed to fail at that. Amazing.


Those are crying threads. This is not. And yet I still failed :))

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I think this like number 4 or 5 of new CAS threads today… Complaining or not, the discussion shpuld happen in the already lon established threads already on the topic.


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Just those on the top (all with posts today, April 11)

I miss the topic merging from the old forum…


Yeah - fully agree.

And what’s even worse - the majority is not able to realize that they should focus on adding options instead of taking something away.

Like the thread i replied to - it makes no sense to use the word “CAS” in a thread title as everybody says “oh, another one” and just adds memes or standard replies.

Adding a first spawn aircraft performing a CAP above advancing own troops in order to ensure air superiority would actually increase realism, but nobody will read it as the sheer number of CAS related posts is and was way too much.

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CAS threads will be less frequent when CAS is addressed ingame. Until then it is a persistent major issue for all BRs of Ground Realistic.

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It is possible to enquire if this feature can be brought back?

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The reason I play ground is CAS. There are plenty of ways to disrupt it: SPAA, air superiority fighters, paying attention and hiding. It is the element that’s making this game unique and it would be very sad to NOT have CAS (I would probably not play the game anymore at that point tbh).

Removing kill cam would make this a true statement.

Assuming your nation has access to SPAA SPAA is not preventative until 10.3, and even then only against helicopters until 11.7 where the ITO can provide a no fly zone roughly 10KM. Unfortunately Gaijin has decided to implement CAS capable of firing outside of this range.

This leaves other planes as the only true counter to CAS. As this is the only counter it should be highly encouraged. Currently spawning A2A weaponry is nearly as expensive as ground weaponry. This should be massively reduced so as to allow first spawn with A2A weaponry so that planes can intercept CAS as it spawns.


The problem is that one dude had a bad day with CAS and decided to use his search bar and go revive a bunch of dead topics relating to CAS issues to make the problem look bigger, not that there is an influx of users who are actually posting about it.


I noticed this as well. I’m all for not allowing duplicate threads if there are currently active ones, but this sort of necroing absolutely shouldn’t be a thing either, especially not when spammed like this. Necroing a thread for which there is an active topic is effectively the same as making a new one, but with the added “bonus” of being more annoying.


But tankers die to CAS not because of skill issues, there is nothing they can do better to avoid death by CAS, at least you in your jets could.


Remove hit marker and ground-friendly name tags too and make all the CAS in grb work like fighters in arcade, then they are only left to pursue the muzzle flashes or bullet trail lol

I do not find CAS as a major problem but yes decompression and diffrent BR’s for planes in Air and in ground would help.

They could add a few AI defensive planes covering some areas as they do in sim, it would make it a bit more difficult for CAS players.

Note that I am fine with the current situation perso, I am only suggesting.

I think it is NOT in the forum tools…