New BR brackets for SB

It was a typo, it got fixed to rotation. I was told lazy to change the screenshots on this thread 😂

They don’t play their game, or they are laughing at us …

Yeah, I reckon the grind is still really bad, it feels almost no different, except I can skip 1 or 2 vehicles

The mirage 2000 is OP, and it wouldn’t to much a problem, if the teams were balanced, but often the teams are so unbalanced …

It has been a real pain to spade the EJ Kai, if france was on my team nobody to kill, if it was on the enemy team, really hard to fight a M2K while being outnumbered.

I’m researching now the AV-8B+, to see if it can be a M2K stopper, but being outnumbered I guess not.

Yeah, they are proving to be a bit of a menace

Well, yes, but frankly the Tornado F.3 is a good counter.

Often, it’s the F.3’s that ruin my M2000 day…

Yeah, though so long as the mirage doesn’t get on your tail though, I can just about run away, but would never be able to get a shot off.

Also I think you have a lot more people in the mirage because of the event CS4. Maybe we just need to wait for those to stop being played a bit. We are still in a bit of a honeymoon period for them