Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

So, after playing Stock 4000 for a while i noticed that even slight 6G turns drains massive energy & speed. It is almost like Mirage 3 and F1, this happens because iam stock or aircraft behaves like this even while it is spaded? 8 Magics are welcome change however it does not mean much when even a slightest turn puts you to mach 0.8 from 1.1…

Need link for that

Got mine and all the aerodynamics mods, it’s a lot of fun to have so many Magics but it’s very hard to get your speed back and you spend a lot of it trying to secure rear aspect shots.
It uses fuel slowly, to the point where minimum fuel + small drop tanks might be viable.
Magic 2 are still only unflareable from rear aspect within 1.5 km, they go for the first flare from side and front aspect and the arming delay makes them poor in head-ons. Their main advantage is the very short burn time and irccm from the rear.
They definitely don’t feel like R73 in terms of irccm

Yeah I’m currently spading it and what bothers me the most is the supersonic dragg/retention/lack of acceleration. It’s really bad compared to the M2K, in which you can just zoom around at 1400+ kph.
The reports on that topic are still open and the devs now have access to charts from the manual so I’m hopeful we’ll see some fixes in that regard.

Btw I don’t know why but I’m unable to comment on the M4K thread, is it also the case for everybody else?

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It’s in the dev server category and all other topics in there had their last post at about the same time, do dev server topics usually close like that?

I have the same feeling as the 2 above.
on a straight line after takeoff, I past mach1 not even a second before a M2K right next to me that followed the same path (granted I had full fuel, and he had no tank), post-mach acceleration is worse than the M2K.

the detail that strikes me is: with M2K, I always have to decelerate, or use 103% AB to not pass the speed limit, but in M4K ive never had this issue once (both full fuel, M2K with tank).

i’ve also experimented on an aerobatics custom server, with min fuel and no missiles, and I couldnt maintain any speed while going exactly up (weather from takeoff, or above mach 1, from ground level).
but isnt it supposed to have TWR > 1? but maybe I misunderstand the implications of that, I am no expert.

It’s able to accelerate on 12 min of fuel from 250 kph onwards, which is testimony of its >1 T/W ratio. Keep in mind that drag increases with the square of speed, meaning that the faster you are, the more excess power you need to accelerate straight up. F15 has more power (especially at high subsonic speeds) and currently less drag than the M4K, which explains why it’s so much better in high-speed vertical climbs.

I did around 40 - 50 games today, French nation is unplayable against F16, MIG29 / AIM9M & R27.
can’t espace, too much flare resistante.
Magic 2 & 530D these missiles are pure crap, we can no longer do anything against the top tiers of other nations.
Magic 2 aging, 530D unusable.
We have to forget France for a moment because it is no match for the others at all.

I had a decent time grinding for the M4K with the 2K-5F on patch-day, maintaining around 3/1 K/D. Currently I’m struggling a bit more in the M4K stockgrind, but it’s mostly because I’m struggling to adapt my playstyle. Really it’s not that bad

Edit : I’ll have to admit it’s really tough switching from 2K to 4K, because of their extremely different high speed acceleration and retention + less CM on M4K


(un)happy to read this Tibiscuit same feeling
and imagine when i meet your guud team full of f16 :/

i dont know if its a bug or not / or a difference from RB & Sim, cause RB/Sim players doesnt seem to suffer

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Let me add that all mirage rada lock the chaff and flares, we can’t really do nothing, all is broken.

i’m in the GUUD team, everybody is using F16. The main issue is the AIM9M which is too flare resistante

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i have a little free maths problem :) :

2 jets flying towards in straight line: mirage20005f: 1386 kph vs F4 : 850 kph
530D launched from 15 km away and hits 15 sec later.

What is average speed missile ?
( i found something between 3k & 4k kph )

For ones who are looking to unlock the M4000K. It is nothing compared to F16, F15, or Grippen.
i can’t" understand the battle rate of 12.3.
you’re already dead at spawn

Grinding out the 4k now. Why is this not on market?!

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Here is a VPO speaking, I think what you are saying here is a bit exagerated. The Super 530D worked as usual to me for the last two days, 27ER is still completely op when compared with the 530D but it’s easy to make them dumb with notch and low altitude flying. Without their 27ER russians planes are not that much of an issue.

The R73 would be slightly better than the magic because of it’s thrust vectoring, but this feature is only useful in really close range.

The real issue here is the 9M, that is completely OP in arcade, because unlike R73 and Magic 2 that can be flared from some aspects or/and with a bit of range, 9M really doesn’t care. I tried to perma flare and change direction to lure the missile like a lot of people are telling for realistic, but each time it just does not give a shit about it.
The only things that seems to work is to hide with the help of the map to deny any fire solution until you are too close, or trying to kill with the 530D at medium/long range, still with the idea of avoiding to be in the fire range of the missile. This is at which point the 9M is broken in arcade : if they get any fire solution, you are toasted.

This is worrying, because we will keep getting more and more of planes with this missile in the future


Is the radar locking chaff already reported?

i did most of the grind with 2000C-S5 against those aircraft and never had issue (even had fun while outturning those aforementioned aircraft at 12.3)

My only issue with 4000 is the insane drag at supersonic speeds. Dips down to transonic speeds too quickly upon slight 4-6G manuevers and lack of an HMD. Magic IIs are could be better but still OK. And 530Ds work a-ok in closer ranges (5km<).


Hi VPO, it’s Tasty from Guud.

That’s what I said above. The main issue is the AIM9M.
Most of aircraft players are US/RU.
RU is not much a problem unless when there is a wall of R27ER, the mirage cannot compete.

On US side, AIM9M is a really problem.
As you explained, it doesn’t even care if flares, pre flares, or anything else, while magic 2 is following flares like a dog, unless you do rear aspect shot.
R73 is not much a problem for myself, it is as flare resistance as magic.

Players begin to understand the power of the AIM9M, and when you see the carrying capability of the high end US aircraft

At this time, French aircraft cannot face with 530D, radar issue, and aim9M.
Magic 2 is not so bad.
The only realiable weapon is the Defa cannon
Unfortunately we are entering in BVR war.

Most of BR you will face by playing 2000C-S5 is 11.3/11.7
When you have full US aircraft flying toward you… 🫠

dunno how it is today but first day of the patch i often fought against 12.0 and 12.3s, maybe one 11.3 game in every ten or so.