Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Here is the continuation of the Mirage 2000 thread from the old forum, a compiled list of documents and other resources will be below.

Mirage 2000 Compiled Sources

Mirage 2000C manual:

Soviet Mirage F1 and 2000 manual:


Nice you beat me to it.

Yo the mirage got an aerodynamic buff above Mach! it takes off like a rocket after reaching mach.

the M2k5F that is. Going to test the other


S530D seem to be bug, they miss most of my targets, they just go everywhere or lost a clear lock, at least in SIM battles


A lot of radar missiles seem pretty jank rn. They seem to miss targets they have no business of missing and either guiding weird or getting distracted easy. Its more noticeable with anything that isnt an R-27ER. I know the 7F/M also isnt in a great spot atm, feels like a dice roll if itll kill more than actual skill.


Idk what’s happening, playing the mirage is painful.
Magics are eating 10000% of the flares and I can’t lock with the radar (530D pointless). The nearest I am from the enemy the more I loose the lock, wtf ?
Also in the meantime, has anyone noticed how useless flares and shaffs are for mirage 2000? I mean I eat ALL incoming missiles: flaring /shaffing and lowering the thrust changes NOTHING…


Actually F14s seems to work pretty well too… Made 10 games and got killed by them most the time 30km away…

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I have been able to lock, but like a good 50% of the time when I fire the missile, it will just start flying in random directions then self detonate. Had another case where it decided to kill a teammate flying in the same direction of me in PD mode, instead of a J-8F flying at me, even though I had the J-8 locked, and there was a mile of space between them.

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U talking about AIM-54’s? Cuz if so, they have their own radar and are almost completely different in form and function to the other radar missiles in-game, so its not a great comparison.

The Mirage takes off like a rocket after Mach as it should! I love it. Be careful in a dive though guys crashed a couple time and the jet compressed.

It’s weird? Maybe placebo on your side.


oh bro, they said it was drag that was reduced. The thing does take off after like 1.06.

Perhaps why it does not show up on thrust?

Well you’ll never reach 1800 kph on the deck with the M2K, so these changes have no impact on its performances. On the other hand the drag parameters were changed, especially at supersonic speeds, which makes the M2K as fast as the Mig 29 from Mach 1 to 1500 kph at sea level (be careful not to ripp in a straight line, it’s now a bit too fast for its own good lol).

It’s important to keep updated with datamines. Gaijin devs don’t include everything in patch notes.

It appears that you are right! Gaijin seemingly changed something which cannot be seen by datamine. So for future reference, drag changes can be done without datamine proof.


This could not be done before, redlining with bombs and full fuel.


Cdmin was changed in the M2K FM file, it was decreased. Cdmin has to do with drag.


There were actually changes to some drag coefficients that could be seen directly in the FM code but weren’t mentionned on the usual reddit post. Interestingly, they added a new coefficient to differenciate subsonic and supersonic drag, which was probably needed to reproduce the behavior of the delta wing


Isn’t it beautiful!!? You can now appreciate what the delta wing profile is designed for that high aerodynamic, low drag!


It is! I’m quite sad it didn’t come last week when I was grinding for 2000-5F, but once that gets free flares I will be spading it quite easy.

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From the .ru forum, a developer’s comment about the display range of vehicle when viewed from Damocles. I wrote to them about the fact that the player’s vehicles cannot be seen beyond 10km and PGM bombs cannot be used beyond 20km due to an artificial limitation.

“The developers are aware of the problem, but it is not a priority now, because in the current realities, the existing work distance is quite effective. In the future, with the appearance of more similar weapons and more modern ones, the developers will solve the problem.”

it’s a pity that they added weapons that they are not going to fully implement …