Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

That’s strange, most of my games were against 11.7, that helped me to grind quite fast (easy kills)
Here my line up
M2000D, F1CT, M2000-5F, M2KCS5, F1C, Jaguar, & Super étendard

Same experience with the 9M. People will be quick to tell you that it’s just because its IRCCM is unique and that it suspends guidance temporarily but in practice that’s complete bs. You can be flaring non-stop (which should KEEP it blind) and changing direction constantly while flaring (which should thwart INS predictions), yet it’s clear that the missile never loses track of you and instantly reacts to every change in direction whether side, rear or front aspect. Disgusting really.

I have been playing the Mirage 4000 a tiny bit, and what I can say is that the AIM9Ms absolutely don’t like large flares. They seem to be EXTREMELY effective at blocking the view of the missile to the airplane for sufficiently long that they miss. it seems that the FOV of the seeker is just small enough that with small caliber flares, it’s just that much harder to evade them

You guys seem to be having some hardcore skill issues. Aim9m is easily dodgable and cannot be launched in better trajectories because it doesnt have the performance. Even with HMD and radar slaving you cant get them to do useful stuff.

R73 and magic 2 and their platforms absolutely wreck everything because they both have very useful type of countermeasures and can be launched into trajectories that cannot be matched by sidewinder. Python here is the one lacking in seeker but certainly not in performance.

Also 4k is still UFO that outperforms everything. Its kinda funny also just recklessly spamming magics makes me a worse player 6/8 is way too much for my brain to not conserve them

I was waiting for the guy who feel above everyone and lay skill issue down on the table 🤣🤣🤣


This is maybe working in realistic, but in arcade this is just pure copium : 9M spamming is just crushing everything, and unsurprisingly when players lose their 9M planes and have to continue with F16A’s, F14B and other 9L planes, they become way easyier to deal with.
Every match their KD start to crumble at this point because they are no longer carried by the 9M, so their skill issues can become apparent. if they don’t have some skill issues… well you just can’t do anything

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it could be interesting that players starts post by noticing: JET + AB or RB or SIM :OK/ NOT OK cause it seems to differ a lot according the played mode.
So i type :

Mirage 2000-5F + AB 12.0 : NOT OK
( since update/release of F16C and mig29 SMT.)( and radar cant hold on them whatever the mode)

( And about my previous post about missiles speed calculations, would be happy if someone tells me if im wrong or not: 3750kph at around 5000m high )

PS: i dream of a full mirages teams/squadron to test, but evryone get aborbed by guud or vpo :/

this big green reticule: ok for mirage 20005f

It really depend who you are facing to.
as we said, AIM9M is the only issue with radar issue of the m2k

The HMDs for all planes are just gone to me since this update. Intersting, maybe linux/vulkan bug?

You can add me If you want ! Can be nice to play together

I don’t think so, works for me

did anyone manage to redline at sea level without diving down to the deck in M4000? Plane simply refuses to go past mach 1.1 whenever i fly. Kinda annoying when someone can not only out accelerate you but also outrun as well.


wasn’t the M4K supposed to get more counter measures?

pretty sure there was something said about it would get the rest of the chaff when separation for flare and chaff is implemented

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Yes, did it with a full missile loadout even. No diving. Can post video.



must be still missing airframe and turbine mods then although i didn’t think the difference would be that marginal

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The plane being stock early on made it feel like a bus. But once you get full mods, you’ll be able to take more than 20 minutes fuel, full loadouts of weapons, and still hit Mach 1.2 on the deck.


You’re right actually, the 9M wasn’t as big of a problem in the Mirage 4000 but in the F-16 and Mirage 2K it’s nearly unflareable any aspect

Playing in Mac via Metal (which goes through Vulcan still I believe) with no issues on my part. Only noticeable thing for me are FPS drops in the hangar, that disappear in games