Friendly Teams pollutant gameplay

In Ab jet battles, there are several friendly teams which are breaking gameplay:
Mainly 2 groups of at least 3 teams x 128 players = around 2 big teams with more than 300 players playing jet ab.
Problem is as they dont really are in same squadron, there’s in all battles a mix of them in red AND blue team, not fighting each others.
And due to the low number of players in half of battles, this half of battles are more than really boring.
That’s just…Passive behaviour …and simply silly.
I wont give their squadron names cause everybody playing jet ab knows it.

Suggestion 1: ban teams like team1 / team2 / team3
2: abilty/forcing them to create Big squadon of 400 players

Suggestion 3 : ability of squadrons to choose officially( in squadron window) several friendly squadrons, so game would gather all of them in same side in random battles.

Where do we post strong suggestion as the #3 ?