Hmd + third person view + joytick

For controlling plane, i use joytick in one hand and mouse in other for only free looking around ( no need to press a key ) = no problems
but there’s an issue with hmd mode in third person view:
when playing with joytick in third view, axis for aiming with hmd tracking doesnt act like in cockpit/virtual view( aiming related to plane and not horizontal skyline )

( this one-hand joystick + mouse is great for those who have no headtracking instead of clic to look around and breaking a nice turn curve)

I’m so surprised nobody agree.

best radar ability in-game. easiest view, cheapest control setting, with a joytick to fly airplane ,

sorry for bad quality:
Looking & Aiming Hmd with mouse is ok in cockpit & virtual view, as shown below:

Looking & Aiming HMD with mouse in realistic mode ( joytick) in third person view: