Mig 23 mld sim br


I’m also not very familiar with creating a website like that but actually need to learn it for some personal projects and could use this opportunity to get some practice.

I can probably make some refinements to my X-56 HOTAS set up and send it over with a write up if you wanted. Did have one on the old forums but I have since changed mine controls


x-56 Joystick Config - Air Battles - War Thunder - Official Forum

Yeah sure, I’ll definitely hit you up if I decide to go through with it.

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Man this is so accurate, WT has soooooooo much potential - and is the easily best monetised game in the entire genre, gaijin is so cashed up leagues ahead of other games in the space and if they put even a tenth of the amount of effort other studio’s do into development of the sim space (and EC in general) they would easily blow all other competition out of the water. Most of the non-placeholder cockpits are well modeled and all the avionics seem set up fairly well to enable most aspects of modern combat flight gameplay already if the code was created to support it - people care way more about actually being able to get the practical use out of the cockpit systems as opposed to having a ‘full fidelity’ model to play with anyway.

Honestly all the major things they would need to do to basically take over the entire sim space overnight would be; sort out proper PIP for using optics in cockpit, create some basic functionality for navigation system waypoints & target POI INS, create some proper axis controls for individual throttle control & make some basic updates to EC maps (with larger scales more objectives like AWACS, medium/long range AA systems, more ground targets etc.). Most of that stuff would be pretty simple to do and is enough to draw majority of players in the space over to WT, gaijin actually does a decent number of stuff better then other platforms but lacks any properly meaningful & functional gameplay loops for sim players.


MLD and ML are not the same. ML doesn’t have leading edge slats and vortex generators, making MLD pull more AoA.

Not much I can do in such a case, as I have no direct contact with dev. Also I myself go via suggestions and bug reports for issues I identify…

@Morvran btw, I just finished my SIM Controls setup guide for controller, it’s mainly made for jets, 7.0+. Considering creating a forum post for it, so people can find it easier. Check it out. Also made a “cheat sheet” on the last page so people can have an easier time adapting to it.

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Shall check it out

Yep, decided to not add Wing sweep and thrust vectoring controls, since I don’t own an aircraft that can do either of that. And purpose of the guide is mostly to get people setup with a good default-setup that they can fine-tune later.

Yeah, looks good. I also wrote this for CCRP if you wanted to link it/C&P bits of it for a more advanced guide

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Yeah it’s good even against F-16s and MiG-29s, the RWR is great, the FM is pretty good, and the missiles are good if you know when to fire. I just went 23-0 in it in my most recent match.

As a MiG-23ML sim player, I consistently find myself facing against jets with a BR of 12.3 most of the time. It seems like there is no distinct bracket for 12.0.

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You need that thread :P

Well… there’s gotta be a reason to buy ML, so…

Hello dear sir, what might this discord be? As i am mostly SIM and DCS player.

I think you replied to the wrong person