Simulator Air Battles - New EC Brackets Required for top tier

With a great deal more 12.3s coming in the next major update, I wanted to create a dedicated post discussing EC9 and the inclusion of 12.3s into SB as the current situation with EC brackets is rather dismal and could be easily improved significantly. its a real shame this wasnt better addressed back in September and has yet to be fixed since then. With all nations now geting 12+ new brackets become entirely possible without any nation being left out (only conclusion I can come to as to why it wasnt done before)

The current Situation:

At the moment EC 8 & 9 look like this:

10.7 → 11.3 | 11.7 → 12.3
10.3 → 11.0 | 11.3 → 12.3
10.0 → 10.7 | 11.0 → 12.3
9.7 → 10.7 | 11.0 → 12.3

This leaves 11.7s only fighting in EC9 11.3s seeing EC9 in 3 cycles and 2 cycles with 11.0s vs 12.3s (a 1.3 BR difference, which is never good). Not an ideal situation for any involved. My proposal is to fix this with new EC brackets, I have two possible set-ups


10.7 → 11.7 | 12.0 → 12.3
10.3 → 11.3 | 11.7 → 12.3
10.0 → 11.0 | 11.3 → 12.3
9.7 → 10.7 | 11.0 → 12.3

From conversations I’ve had with others, this seem to be what most were expecting in September



10.7 → 11.3 | 11.7 → 12.3
10.3 → 11.3 | 11.7 → 12.3
10.0 → 11.0 | 11.3 → 12.3
9.7 → 10.7 | 11.0 → 12.3

With the difference being that 11.7s remain in EC9 but 11.0s and 11.3s see a marked improvement.

Unfortunately, 11.0s will still have to see a 1.3 bracket at least once, and that cannot be fixed until 12.7s and the possible inclusion of an EC10 bracket. But halving the number of times this occurs is no small improvement

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I am very much interested in hearing back from the community on this


I chose option A, so 11.7 vehicles can get a chance to be top dog.

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You have forgotten a fourth option:
no rotation!
but a new improved and fair SP system without a timer. of course a long test phase would be necessary first. at the same time a revision of the techtrees. separate techtrees for sim.

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Absolutely not.

Keep the BR rotation.


What do you mean by absolutely not? he could at least have included the option in the voting.
I am at least tolerant enough to play with rotation. even if I don’t like it, I accept the current system and remain loyal to the mode. in the hope that it will get better in the future.

where is the tolerance of this people here? if SP were introduced tomorrow, these people would all be gone immediately.

That would require a total overhaul of how SB BRs are done and EC brackets in general. I was more going for a quick and dirty fix that would take them minutes to implement. There is definetly major room for improvements withwise to BRs and EC brackets, but they would be far more extensive and we cant even get them to fix the damn AA

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yes, that’s true. but Gaijin had an intern for years now who pours his coffee over the sim servers during his lunch break. I’m no longer satisfied with a bit of bungling. Gaijin have to work a lot on sim. we’re customers.
about the voting thing. I wanted to make sure that SP opposition is possible here.

@Morvran Exactly.
Let’s be careful what we wish for. @Lieutenant_Camel

You’ve admitted yourself before that all 3 of the major changes you’d like to see in sim (nation-sets, ai and SP) would require extensive and major changes (a total overhaul) to how both BR’s and nations work. Pretty much a complete overhaul to the most complex parts of the game. You’re vouching for changes that not only wouldn’t work for the game as it currently is - but would even be damaging to the game mode as it is.
I’m sorry but advocating for these things is just irresponsible and to quote Morvan:

I’m not going to sit around and watch you ask for detrimental changes to satisfy your “Roleplaying/Historical accuracy” agenda when the changes don’t even fix any of the main issues sim is facing (sometimes even making things worse, as multiple people have explained to you).
We have way more important changes to pass.


so, improved nation sets (without going into detail now) don’t harm the mode. just add a few good sets, - done. all WW2 battles should always be allied vs. axis. anything else makes no sense. with the jets, of course, it’s a bit more difficult.

With the AI we have to distinguish between two things: the old placeholders AI (Hans, Pete, Horst) and the mission target AI (attackers, bombers, scouts).
I also think that short-term improvements to the placeholder AI are unrealistic. But adapting Attacker, Bomber, Recon to the nation sets is something Gaijin could do in a day!

with SP, the question is how well it will be implemented. if Gaijin implements it badly, it will of course damage the whole mode.