Mig 23 mld sim br


The Mig 23MLD is at a current battlerating of 11.3 in sim… HOWEVER the Mig 23ML is at 11.0 and has the same missiles same radar same everything.
I don’t have the Mig 23ML so i have to resort to using the Mig 23m because i don’t want to play against aircraft from the modern era, reasoning for this is that they’re faster, more maneuverable, has better radars and better weapons.
The mig 23MLD is not meant to fight f16 series of aircraft, they are meant to fight other coldwar era aircraft like the F4E.
At this i conclude my complaint/rant and i only have 1 thing to say: gAJiN pLs fiX

Yeah, the Mig23ML should be raised to 11.3 in sim

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11.3 aircraft are in a rough spot right now in sim where they have to fight 12.3 6 out of the 8 days in the rotation. Hopefully this gets fixed once 12.7 and 13.0 gets added.

Its Soviet, thats why.

The Phantom F4J(UK) [Premium] is inferior to the Phantom FGR2 [TT] (Identical radar and loadout, but worse engines)

F4J(UK) is 11.3
FGR2 is 10.7

If its 11.3 due to being Premium despite its TT version being lower, then the Mig-23ML should be 11.3. If the Mig-23ML is lower because of some legit reason, then the F4J(UK) should be 10.7 with its TT version


It could have been improved when 12.3s were added. They just took the lazy option.

Currently its


could have and should have been:


This would not only reduce the number of uptiers the 11s and 11.3s have to face. But would also give 11.7s a rotation off from facing nothing but 12s like they do currently. Its unavoidable having 1x 1.3 bracket at top tier, but its a lot better than 2x 1.3 brackets

I’m aware, I run an air sim event discord server for weekly events and when 12.3 aircraft were announced I even prepared a new BR calendar for us with that exact rotation in mind because I was sure that’s what gaijin would make the new rotation… I was very disappointed when I realised 11.0 would still have to fight 12.3’s for 4 days straight. Ridiculous.

Yeah… As always, they forgot about Sim. I asked Smin about a week before the Attilla dropped what was happening in SB. The response was basically, “we dont know yet”. I think they totally forgot about SB when they added those 12.3s. Especially when we consider that no new official calender was ever released.

So many times we get changes, updates, additions, etc and SB is never mentioned. Usually SB is not included. Which just sucks.

Thankfully for me, my only 11.0 SB aircraft is the Gr7. Its lack of radar kinda sucks, but 4x Aim-9Ms is enough to give a Mig-29 a run for its money. But still sucks

Yeah GR7 is crazy good at 11.0, but only in the right hands. Seen some incredible players who use their RWR to it’s full potential, it’s impossible to sneak up on them with radar on. Can’t outturn it, missiles are invisible.

Just waiting for our MAWS. (rather pissed the F-111 got MAWS but the Gr7 didnt…)

Yeah, A cheeky VIFF and you can screw over even the best players. Need the Gr9A though for the better engine and HMD or the Sea Harrier FA2 for that Radar and AMRAAM combo

I’ve dm’d some mods about air sim and they don’t seem to care too much about it. Mostly ‘corporate’ responses

At the rate of SB’s decline, im surprised its not been removed from the game yet. Which would suck, only gamemode I actually enjoy at the moment

I honestly wouldn’t touch this game again if SB was removed, once you get into it with the right key-binds you can’t go back.

It’s very unfortunate. I haven’t been here too long but I’ve been told when the SB community was much larger there were several instances when the community put a lot of effort into getting attention to issues in SB, even an open letter and it was all completely ignored. And because of that many of the OG’s left.

They are sitting on a winning lottery ticket. There’s a big audience for fighter simulator’s and the only place for it is super inconvenient PC games like DCS with expensive modules, and ‘need’ for expensive equipment like HOTAS and a ridiculous learning curve…

War Thunder also has access to the entire console audience.

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I’d be the same. I play with a HOTAS and i’ve nearly gotten to the point where I cant fly in ARB anymore. I need to go back and learn how to fly lower tiers, but at top tier, things like radar controls are just not muscle memory with M&K like they are with my HOTAS, and I cant fly with a HOTAS in Third person.

If they put 1/10th the effort into SB that they do for any other gamemode, they could wipe out the compitition. Instantly. Forgetting the DCS learning curve, etc. No game even comes close to the amount of available aircraft or the potential for encounter types.

It is perpetually insane that they’ll add premiums clearly meant to make money, but then dont do any work to a gamemode that would bring in a MASSIVE amount of new players. War Thunder has the potential to be THE sim game. Period. They just, dont care apparently



Flying in sim definitely made me want to get new planes and nations way more than air rb ever could. They would sell tons of planes to sim players. I’ve helped a lot of people get into sim by helping them with controls and all that, once they get set up - they all fall in love with the game mode instantly. The issue is getting the new player to that point.

Right now they fly tunnel visioned, likely don’t know SAS mode is a thing at top tier and stall themselves in first turn, probably don’t have a convenient key bind for looking around and get blown up from thing’s they never knew were there. 5 deaths later and they are in serious SL debt, not even counting TK penalties for people who have not been taught IFF - not exactly something you’d want to stick around for.

Yep… The moment i made a serious effort to get into SB, I went from 1 or 2 matches maybe a week. To 10-20 hours per week easily. From barely managing to reach the higher tiers, to having everything for Britain researched. The recent SL changes have been a godsend though. Aircraft like the Buc S2 made you go broke instantly.

But you are right, Getting over that first wall is the hardest. Again though, gaijin could easily add guides for things like Situational Awarness, IFF, etc. They just, won’t

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Are you aware of any mods that would care to read conversations like this and maybe get the word through to some higher ups?
I’ve dm’d the mods I’ve seen around with no success

The only Gaijin employee that I know who plays SB is @Schindibee who is a GM (sorry for the tag, but worth it I think)

Like yourself, its easier getting blood from a stone than it is to get a Community manager to comment on SB.

I personally have to manage how much effort I put into a video game like this, since I have a lot of stuff going on IRL, but with the right help I would be down to spending a weekend on setting up a website or something with a complete very simple “Welcome to SIM” guide that we could refer new players to. A simple guide with just the basics, controls setups for all platforms (m&k, controller, hotas), quick rundown on IFF, situational awareness and objectives.

That would be awesome. (yeah I have extra free time at the moment, though im not playing WT till Gaijin actually adds something to Britain that is playable)

But that does sound like a great idea

I could create controls setups for controller, and possibly the guides for IFF, situational awareness and objectives but would need help with m&k and hotas. If someone could create a really solid default setup for those.