May I ask if there's any MEC and climb spreadsheets that are kept updated?

I have been trying to find one that is mostly up-to-date, but most have been only old ones I’m not sure are accurate anymore. Is there any spreadsheet that to this day is up-to-date?

Just check this thread:

Your update answer is in the 2nd post.


I am part of a project that is making a website for users to upload plane data. Once we’re done you will be able to compare different planes and get a chart of speed, climb rate etc.

This is very WIP but once I have something to show I will create a thread for it.


Holy moly, thanks alot for this answer.

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I salute your great work, can’t wait to see how it’ll look. Always was a fan of maximizing my plane performance, so this’ll be incredibly useful. I do wonder, do you plan to include MEC settings for it? Since I mostly like to play MEC on my planes.

Since there’s so many variables to planes we are testing on AEC.

Forgetting to change supercharger gear or opening draggy radiators during tests could be a huge difference to performance.

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Great to hear that! I hope you all manage that because it’s a ton of test-flight data logging. I’m sure you do, but hope you’re using WTRTI for logging all the performance data.

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I know it’s not what you’re asking for, but it’s related.
I’m making a website for comparing engine power to weight ratios of all piston aircraft at different altitudes, speeds, power modes and air temperatures (but air temp. matters very little). It does it only based on datamined flight model game files.

It’s also very much WIP, but in a few months it should be online and available to everybody. There will be posts about it on forum. You can’t read climb rate from it, but you could compare a few planes to see which one has the highest power generation advantage at what altitude, which helps with choosing the altitude to fight.

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Very cool resouce, I had no idea! Climb times seem good enough. Unfortunately maximum speeds of most planes are too low. There’s a more accurate data-sheet for that specifically, made by @dogeness and @AdamTheEngineerd:

Accurate SL top speeds

(War Thunder Top Speeds at Sea Level - Google Spreadsheets)

And here’s an old, not updated for a long time Climb amd MEC sheet that is no longer updated, but has cool info.

Old MEC&Climb

War Thunder Climb & MEC Chart - Google Spreadsheets

In it, speed is in TAS, not IAS like in the Forum spreadsheets, which explains speed differences at high altitudes between the sheets
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