Just out of curiosity, what’s the record for Victory/Defeats? Just had 2 Victories and 9 Defeats in a row. ?? I honestly don’t understand how that’s possible if Matchmaker is basing the teams on only BR.

Who saied its based on BR?

The only thats the Matchmaker cares about is, maximum of 4 players 3 brs higher than the lowest br.

MM dosnt care of the enemy team has 4x7.0 and 11x6.7 and your team only has 15x 6.0, he will still match you up in this way.

That’'s kind of my point, if that’s how it’s done then Gaijin should think about fixing it. Casual players make up most of the population of this game and typically quit a battle after losing their first or second tank/vehicle.

Imho there is no high score table in place - and it strongly depends on chosen nation, vehicle type (Plane/tank/ship), game mode (AB, RB, SB) and selected servers plus day time you play.

I actually don’t care of stats regarding winning or losing as from my pov this became pretty much a random event in the last years, but based on your posts i checked my results - i sit currently on an 11 game win streak and lost just one of the last 20 battles (yesterday evening on Operation Huertgen).

I selected US/RU/SA servers and played with 3 planes in Air RB - SM 92 at BR 4.0, B-18B at BR 4.0 and just a few B7A2 BR 3.7 matches. I actually lost just 2 planes in combat, but imho i had a hell of luck and benefited mostly from good teammates and less experienced enemies - or a combination of both.

Only in a few matches i was able to influence or decide the actual outcome by killing as our last player the last enemy in a ticket disadvantage or to turn tickets defeats into ticket wins by killing the right targets at the right time.

But i also remember playing with US props at rank III several defeat streaks of 5 defeats or more in a row. As i said, purely random results…

I’ve easily had 20-25 losses in a row at certain BRs.

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Sry to hear that - but i usually a) quit after 3-5 losses in a row and/or b) change the vehicle after i lost one, as i simply do not enjoy losing or getting killed.

The high loss streaks were the result of playing or trying to spade US props with very low crew points as i got bombarded with rp boosters - and if have everything i need in my 3 main trees.

I will add more loss streaks just by grindind the Chinese TT with a level 1 crew, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.

Your crew isn’t really what’s going to cause you to lose, there’s just a lot of unbalanced things in the game, poor matchups with weak vs strong nations etc.

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A win is generally down to Team cohesion, good teamwork and comms is all that’s needed, members of the team scout, flank and generally communicate map co-ordinates etc

It’s nots impossible for 1 person to dictate the map, this does happen but its very, very rare

Fight like its the last fight your ever going to have, and i can guarantee 9/10 you will win, these long drawn out matches are great for SL and RP, if you can survive.

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A single player can “influence” a game’s outcome, but it is very situational . . . being in the right place at the right time etc. Where as a good Squad can “manipulate” many games, again . . situational, but doable. As far as the rest of it goes, each game is made up of mostly randos, all of which most likely have different “agendas” for each game. I play almost all of my games working BP Daily or Special tasks and that is almost always my “priority” for each game. And since I rarely even attempt any that start with the word “Win”, I’m prolly one of those that isn’t in it 100% for the “cause” so to speak. Not that I don’t play the objectives at all, but my focus is usually elsewhere. And the other 31 players in the game most likely are doing something like this for their own goals . . . just how it is. The only thing I really do to work with/against the MM’er is I always set my line ups to be as close in BR as I can possibly make them, this just gives me what I feel is the best chance in any given BR range. The +/- 1.0 BR “spread” that is set for each game seems alright to me about 90% of the time, but then again, I don’t even look at that stuff at the onset of the game. If I see a vehicle that is “better” than mine, I generally do what I can to avoid it or catch it off guard.
The terms “uptier/downtier” weren’t even around for many years, it has become the manta of many in the past few years, and it seems like this was really brought on by the addition of so many vehicles. I am sure there are some spots where things may not go your way a good many times, but . . . until or unless they completely overhaul the BR’s of EVERY vehicle in the game(yeah . . . I ain’t doing that!) we get what we get . . C’est la Vie.
I don’t mind playing against vehicles of a higher BR, it is a “scoring opportunity” because killing stuff of a higher BR pays better . . . but that’s just me. My advice, press “To Battle” go out & do the best you can and don’t worry about what you face, just how you can take them down . . . . rinse & repeat
But that’s just me . . . .


I agree i general, but i mentioned struggling even as experienced player if you start a new tree. Even if you have 100+ days of experience in Air RB u might have issues when you start in a reserve plane if you have low crew points.

I actually met in my second match some guys with thousands of matches in BR 1.3 and 1.7 planes - having fun ruining the match for new players. There is pretty much nothing you can do with a lev1 crew in a reserve tier plane against an aced crew with crew lev 1.

There is no protection against veterans farming new players, there’s just like 5 games where they play against bots.
Crew XP makes a massive difference but sadly an horribly outdated system from 10 years ago.

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I fully agree with you overall statement, and yes you need a high situational awareness in order to make a difference, but from a holistic pov you play after 10 minutes either 8v2 or 2v8. So the numbers game decide the matches most of the time - even if you would chose an op single engine fighter your “influence” is mostly limited - at least in Air RB.

I mean everybody who plays war thunder for years has bad memories connected to the old Wake Island map if you flew for the US side - in 90% of the matches you played alone after 8 minutes with 5 J2M2s behind and 3 A6Ms below you. If you flew anything else than a P-51 D-30 or P-38 J you got toasted…

I fully agree, but imho team cohesion is a thing you can’t influence and teamwork and communication strongly depends on player skill and is often impossible due to language barriers. So you ground players learn pretty fast that teamwork is important - the average Air RB player fights his own battle, every match.

I have no problems with uptiers , but i actually do not see (i play props only) any additional income from killing planes at higher BRs besides the “Rank doesn’t matter” rewards.

If you like challenges i strongly recommend playing the Italian P-47 D-30. It is actually the only single engine fighter i fly as i prefer twin engine planes - i fly with joystick, SFC and instructor off .

The challenge is that you fly 85% of your matches with 4 Ju 288s in your team. And you and 1 or 2 other non-bomber pilots face most of those matches 6-7 kill hungry US/GB fighters which outperforms you even at the same BR (5.0 P-51 D-30) or outclasses you like the 6.0 F2G…

If you are willing to accept 50% losses just as default value - you can have epic fights at the other 50% of those matches and decide them with luck and skill even against all odds - that’s why i still enjoy wt after 5 -6 years.

Yeah, killing higher BR vehicles is a “meager” upscale of profits at best, even the additional rewards, Balancer, Rank does not Matter & a few others only pay out very small rewards . . . those are really some of things they could bump up to help the economy a little . . . But killing stuff lower just pays less is all . . it all adds up

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Because of this lol

Just my two cents… gaijin should make a system like in world of tanks. Over there its called a bracket matchmaker.

There are different brackets in place and you get a random one ever match.
Brackets look like this as example:

10x T8 vs 10x T8

7x T8, 5x T9, 3xT10 vs 7x T8, 5x T9, 3xT10

10x T8, 5x T9 vs 10x T8, 5x T9

Its always balanced out for each team, also there is in generall less ± battle ratings, its only ±2 vs in wt its ±3 battle ratings.

Additionall i would highly suggest to wt to allow the creation of multi nation vehicle decks that player can create, so you would not be stuck with like 1 tank on a specific br just because this nation dosnt have more vehcles that can be effectife at that br… why not letting players choose from like 3 nations what they put into the deck and go into battle with it?

Typically I would just work on tasks and specials for a battle and not worry about victory or loss. I’ve been spading countries as I go which helps in battles regardless of what I face. But, not always. I’ve also been playing this game for over 5 years now and enjoy it - obviously. Victories and help from team mates also is nice along the way though, which - as the first post stated - seems out of reach sometimes. In the end, I know it’s just a game and to be enjoyed and I do like seeing new maps and using new tanks. I also think one of my problems is using each type of tank the same way - getting stuck in a rut, as it were. That alone gets me killed pretty quick, usually.

I’ve played World of Tanks, long before moving over to Thunder and it was enjoyable until I stepped up with the big boys. :) Thunder is definitely more realistic, to a degree, which also makes battles - typically - more violent and quick. Fights going down to the last shot in Thunder seem few and very far between, but those are the most enjoyable for me. Especially if I survive.

It’s a big lie that the MM only picks based on +/-1 BR

There is a team balancing system, it is based on the parameter “average relative position in the team” and probably works on overall stats + last 10 battles.

If you want to verify if the game is making you crazy, and it is, just open the first server replay and check the “average relative position in the team” in each player profile, add up the left team and the right team - magically, both are very close to each other EVERY TIME.

MM artificially tries to “balance” the game.


If they actually made any sort of effort to have some balance I don’t know why it would be a big secret.

Because in this way you can limit progress for better players by adding very weak ones to balance them? This artificially restricts my progress in researching new machines and earning SL.
this is just a scam on people who make each above average score.

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In exactly the same way, you give a “better experience” with a newly purchased premium tank or plane for dozens of battles - just pit a weak player against a very weak one. Anyone who is a bit observant will easily spot such manipulations.

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