Ju-288C - Broken MM

Ok, question. Why does mm for realistic battles not consider bomber quantity when creating matches? It seems like every match I play around 5.0-6.0 (haven’t gotten anything higher than 5.7) is just 6v6 with at least 3 Ju-288C’s on my team when playing German aircraft. Meanwhile, the enemy team has maybe a single bomber. Needless to say, the results are always the same: Ju-288C’s charge into a base, bomb a base (if lucky), die, and load into the next match. Well, now the team is down 3 or 4 planes against a horde of enemy aircraft. So, guess how the match ends…

This is SOOOO annoying. Why are bombers not evenly distributed on each team. And frankly, there shouldn’t be more than 2 bombers per team regardless of the match. Fun aircraft in the German tree can’t even be properly utilized because of the Ju-288C spam.

Another question: Why MUST teams be split by nation? It makes absolutely no sense. This is a game that has historical planes, but that is about it. It is by no means realistic in any way other than that. Making teams be categorized by nation just makes queue times longer and matches are seriously unbalanced.

I’m done rambling. As a new player, the mm decisions in this game are AWFUL. I actually quite like the gameplay of realistic matches, but matches are so often just completely one-sided. It drains the fun out of the matches so much.


Its only that BR bracket. The Ju288c is spammed because its an SL printer being a premium. There may also be a percentage of bots that exploit it as well. This means the sheer quantity of 288s vs any other bomber in game is huge.

There is actually a cap on how many bombers can be in a match, but its hard cap, not percentage based. So you can get MMs with smaller teams and most if not all of germany being 288s. It really does suck, even for the other team

Bombers are restricted to 4 per team. And the matchmaker tries for up to a time [over 2 minutes] to pair teams of equal bombers together.
It use to be unrestricted many many years ago.

There are no “matchmaking” decisions. MM is random.
Realism has nothing to do with historical battles.

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I think it might be 6 these days, at least im fairly confident ive seen more than 4 288s on a team before. Prehaps under certain conditions the cap is increased

I used to like the (very) old axis vs allies or commies vs allies or commies vs axis… even the alternative history with props or maps like training of hokkaido (us vs uk)

Now thats dead, so there is no need for a nation vs nation MM, RB (both air and ground) should already have a AB 2.0 MM… it would be more balanced and more fun that playing 6v6 with or against 4 bombers… hey even premium bombers would have half the queue if they can spawn in both teams

But if they implement it or not, I don’t care anymore… I still think this is a great game, but got enough of the Ju288 and other unbalanced premium vehicules

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Of course there are a lot of hidden “features” in the MM. Ever wondered why your teams gets “stupid” like hell after a series of wins in a row? And why your name pops up at the top of the scoreboard direct after spawn? Or your full uptier ratio gets incredibly high after a while?

You are experienced enough to see that - so without gaijin officially publishing ALL MM functions your claim looks very bold…

We have at least 2 times historical MM - on rare pacific maps very small teams around 3.3 to 4.7 with JP vs US/GB (usually filled with Wyverns) and around the 6.0 bracket with GER/IT vs US/GB.

The “imbalance” with Ju 288s is no accident - fully intended by gaijin in order to allow US/GB try hards to have a petting zone without too much resistance…

Just use search function - the Ju 288 topic pops up every 1-2 weeks…

It would be great if you provide a replay link in such cases.

From my pov we still have 3 caps per team:

4 Bombers
5 Interceptors
7 Strike aircraft

What i can confirm is that i had some games with GER on both teams and (ofc) Ju 288s in both teams, but those were 16 vs 16 matches…

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Uptiers are predictable purely based on knowledge of BR popularity, which is why that data is classified and can only be estimated.
I’m experienced enough with a background in analytics to know how to accurately predict uptier chance.
I can tell you my uptiers at 10.7 air is below 10%. My uptiers at 6.3 is below 20% due to Su-11 being put up to 7.3 a while ago.
Uptier chance increases in squads BTW. Solo is the best manner of play if you prefer downtiers.
288 went from 5.3 to 6.0 due to its defensive capabilities.

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Dude - i said you made a bold claim “MM is random”.

We haven’t talked about BR and your reply to the MM is not dealing with my points as s whole.

The full uptier ratio has nothing to do with all issues of the MM. Nobody knows the truth = all functions within the MM - and you are fully aware of this…

It might be bold. I didn’t think it was.
Obviously it’s random with restrictions, and I forgot to add the with restrictions part earlier.
If you are dissatisfied with my response to your points, then I apologize.

I always thought that was random. What am I missing?

Until a while ago i thought it was random too. A fellow player wrote some time ago that your overall and current performance (so overall WR/stats and current performance) are considered - at least for a certain amount of games.
It does not distinguish between Ground and Air players, but the MM iss definitively weighting experience stats and battles/games. Even without wearing a tin foil hat it is more than obvious…in other words the more successful you are, the more “obstacles” might occur…

Found the link:


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They need to make it so that ju288c can be on both teams to reduce queue times and stop them from ruining the BR for other players.

Thanks, J Wick. I love reading your comments, for the record. Always very thoughtful and informative. Were you a ground player or I an air player, I’d ask if you felt like squadding up.

It would be interesting to know if Gaijin uses an EOMM, and if so, how it works. Though I doubt that reveal is on the cards.

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Another ridiculous thing about these games which are Axis vs Allies, I stopped playing Italian 5.0/6.0 aircraft for this reason.