Map rotation is completely destroyed

already tried vice versa result are the same as now i wish for unlimited map ban or just get rid of that useless map filter

I wish we had more than one, since there are so many maps in the game and honestly, some of those are atrociously bad for some tiers.


That probably would cause major issues as the matchmaker would have to link players together who have banned half the maps.

the rotation is completely dogshit now, its not rare to get the same map 2 or even 3 time in a row (my record is 4 time)

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This is what the company has said. Just putting it all in one post because people (not you, specifically) get confused:

Map Banned: “guarantees complete removal”
Map Disliked: “if a few players from the matching queue have the same mission or location marked as unwanted, the location will be skipped, and the new location will be selected”
Map Liked: “The War Thunder development team will be able to see which locations most players like” (so Likes have no impact on matchmaking)

Again, that’s just what they’ve said, and does appear to be the rule being followed now in naval matchmaking, which is the only mode I use either Dislikes or the Ban Hammer, so I can’t say what happens anywhere else.

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This is so common.The mob make a demand then complain later because of the negative impact of their demand.Who’d be a Dev at Gaijin? Same with Nations/Prototype overload,Captured Vehicles, Removal of cover,Nerfing of this and that,Constant BR shifts etc etc etc.

For me it completely useless i never get the map i “liked” but always get the map i “dislike” it better remove filter out of game so the map rotation might be balance (like old times)

still reminding gaijin their matchmaking is broken as hell and they need to fix this shit.


Map rotation is getting worse with all these updates. Not to mention removing features like airspawn at City, no-one asked for this to be removed and they did it anyway when it was nice for something different.

Also really annoying with like/dislike map function is trying to earn rewards for certain nations by winning/player kills on these maps, but they are also ridiculously hard to ever come across.


Is it a negative impact or gaijin implemented it poorly? I think after 11yrs I’ve seen gaijin implement more things poorly and broken the game more than what people have suggested/requested.


Indeed, but I would rather wait a minute for a match than to be playing Seversk/Sweden/Italy.

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It is a common opinion that many don’t mind a bit of waiting for something in WT.With you on that.

Nope, not a fact.
Pretty sure you getting the same map, is because of you repeatedly leaving immediately and trying again.

The topic is full of images where you can see even playing the battles you are stuck in the same maps.

I check your repalys and here is your map rotation even playing the battles:
Screenshot - 2023-11-19T134916.379

Ohh surprise you are stuck in the same maps like all the others…


New maps ALWAYS have their frequency increased while they are new…was always like that…it allows “showcasing” the maps…

I dont think it is only data collection…and i dont recall Gaijin saying so. I may be wrong of course. I was under the impression that i was getting my liked maps visibly more lately…since last major update or so…(my disliked map is Vietnam, i dont recall the last time i saw it).

I have no idea what you are talking about…“completely destroyed” is a strong expression…i play on different maps almost every time…i get two in a row on occasion. I checked a couple replays listings…they DO show maps repeating on the same timestamp BUT usually with different players.
I do see a few repetitions on your map list, but also that the maps are 1min apart or even same minute. This probably means you are quitting the maps and restarting…and by doing this you do get the same map more.
THIS^^ is probably the reason and the effect…but it is only noticeable for players that quit matches a lot…so hardly “completely destroyed” as most players won’t even notice it. You can either play a few minutes or wait a few minutes…or keep trying and quitting until you get the map you want. Bear in mind that the game is not expecting players that quit maps until they get what they want…it wouldn’t work if everyone did that as players have different preferences in maps…

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Maybe you can check the topic…

Not is not, is the actual state of the map rotation.

This never happend before the addition the night battles options. So no, is not somehting NORMAL.

I waited for HOURS for obtain exaclty the same maps.

Lets try again, before the addition of the night battles options nad Gaijin touched the MM, you can leave a battle before start and was very rare you enter in the same map, specially when you change another nation and BR. But after the night battles dissater right now youa re stuck in the same map and even playing the map is very very possible you get the same map again.

So please stop acting like this is normal or always been there because is not true.
We are talking about 52 maps plus variants and just a completely destroyed map rotation can give you the same maps over and over and over again.

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@GhostSoph I check your replay and you only played 3 or 4 battles per day, with that low volumen of battles is altmost impossible you can suffer the same problem.

But even with that, 17 of november you played 4 battles (Sinai, Sinai, Maginot, Maginot)

You really think with 52 maps plus varinats that map rotation, is normal???

I said above…Maginot is one of my liked maps :) so i am assuming this is deliberate. You can see above average Maginot on my list.

I dont have time to play long sessions…so i admit i am not sure if this has an effect…but if players dont leave early, replay listings are usually very varied for most players…with each page having few repetitions. Like all RNG…you can get the same map twice in a row…three times is very rare.
AGAIN…if you go RANDOM looking at players replays listings you will see each page having many different maps. If you look for repetitions…you will find some :)

BTW…i can admit that SOMETIMES the rotation seems to “reduce”…some days it does happen…but it is rare…
AFAIK…a “normal” player (that does not quit maps a lot) will NOT notice anything wrong…hence me not agreeing with this being a strong issue.

Map issues do happen. I had days with above average repetitions, had maps that seem to disappear and had days with some map coming up a lot…
I just don’t see a big issue…

In only one minute i find 5 similar topics about wtf is happening with map rotation.

For people only play one nation or 3 or 4 battles per day is not a big issue but for peopel play more battles and several nations is PURE PAIN.

I think the post is in response to a new phenomenon,that is the issue not one of preference or tolerance.