Map rotation is completely destroyed

How is possible with more than 50 maps plus variants you are stuck in the same small group of maps over and over again. Doesnt matter what nation or BR are your try to play becuase you get the same map.
At the least reduce or remove the crap crewlock until the map rotation is fixed.


WTF is that mess Gaijin???


Now i spent more time in crewlock than playing … 3 normandy and 5 japan… this game is a fucking disaster.


I had the same issue yesterday I got Normandy 4 times in a row, it’s getting ridiculous. The matchmaker in this game really needs a rework, there are so many maps yet, you only seem to play 5 of them. I get that people banning/disliking maps affects the matchmaker but it only leads to boredom and stagnation.


It’s the same in Air RB. The only maps I’m getting are Pyrenees, Spain, Rocky Pillars, City, and one that’s like City but on islands


This is why players asking for a way to like/dislike maps bit other players in the behind. It is OK if you like those the majority like, if not, well this is a consequence.

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I got Hurtgen and Ardennes about 5 times each before I got Flanders twice.

I haven’t got Red desert in a long time, and I’ve barely played on maps like pradesh, Fulda, and Normandy.


I have had this for years :) It was the reason for me to start other nations way back then.

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Looks like after add the new option for ban nigh battles they broke something becuase now is even worst.


This is an obvious bug in their code, you don’t need more map bans or whatever feature requests blah blah to address it. They can just… fix the bug.


Don’t blame the players, blame Gaijin for having so many bad maps that people dislike.


Harsh, but accurate.

I still miss Port Novo 3-cap and white Rock Fortress though, those really were removed.


Well it appears it could be a bug or could be as I have mentioned. But since currently there is no official statement on this I am not jumping to conclusions.

The point is maybe the majority love these maps so much this is what the minority get hung up over. If you like these ones then there is no issue at all.

Of course the later Iberian Castle picture looks very iffy.

Just like the “unfair teams” issue, is it a bug or is it a result of something else? Has it actually been reported or been confirmed as an issue?

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“As I have mentioned” what other possible explanation is there than a bug? You only mentioned map bans, but SOME people get ONE map ban currently. That’s blatantly not going to cause anything remotely like this.

It might be a concern that it could cause something like this in a hypothetical future where people were given like 10 map bans, sure, which is what I thought you meant originally. But right now? No no no, the math doesn’t come anywhere close to making sense for 10-20% of people (premium time) having a single ban, come on. Nor is this rare in any way, I get the same map 5-6 times basically every single day i play at for at least one sequence of repeats.


I actually covered likes/dislikes. So I think you might review your reply.

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Likes/dislikes don’t have any effect on maps you get.

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Well, map was a complete mess since long time ago but only after the new addition of night battle option the rotation become worst, so looks like the typical Gaijin “i touch one thing and broken another 10”. Is that or the new “great idea” for force people to play maps. Who knows.

I dont see this problem so often since they made change to servers so looks like MM unfair teams was a bug.

Most of the bug are not confirmed by Gaijin you probably never seen a fix or a word about this:

I do not think so, but yes, who knows! Especially the Iberian Castle pic you showed as that took it to a new extreme.

I believe, from mods, that it was a bug generally, but there also would be the limited situations where if a squad or too many bailed a map before match start the queue was unable to grab those missing players quick enough, which also might have been on part a bug due to that particular system not working or maybe purely a lack of suitable players at that exact moment.

If it does continue regarding maps then hopefully a mod might share some light.

tested it myself for weeks, didn’'t do eff all