Map rotation is completely destroyed

Well because it supposedly does not work, or work well enough, going by many of those complaining here.

How do they work out popularity of maps/types then? Magic diving rod? (Which might actually be true).

So theorising, outside of a possible bug, the reason people might never get maps they like and get ones they have disliked is due to no one queuing with them having the same dislikes and their own (other players) dislikes overriding maps they might prefer.

Same situation really as same result.

I haven’t seen any of my disliked maps in naval in literally the last year of playing. I assume other people are also disliking the same ones and it’s having an influence. But if anyone can point to someone from Gaijin saying, “yeah, we were fibbing about that” I’d be interested to read it.

They do not publish all of their systems, both what they have stated and what I have theorised can exist, and to me makes sense for them to utilise that data gathered.

They would not be “fibbing”.

I was talking about the original commenter statement you agreed with: “The like/dislike feature we can use is not for map “selection”, never has been… Disliking a map will not decrease how many times a player sees it, just as liking a map does not mean that you will get it more often.”

I’m saying it is hard to reconcile that belief with the company’s public statements which I linked to, which indicate “dislike” has an influence on an individual game basis, as opposed to, say, tweaking a global availability parameter by registering the dislike of all players.

Mathematically, with 32 players each with multiple dislikes, and dislikes each covering multiple versions of the same limited map set, you actually need a surprisingly small % of players to start using the feature before whole batches of maps would just “disappear.” The company has also said if they add any more dislikes then this is exactly what would happen, even one more dislike per user would result in some matchmaking never triggering, ever, and people being stuck in perma-queue.

Not saying that’s the only influence on why you get streaks of the same map or maps seem to disappear. But dislikes do seem to do something, or they wouldn’t be saying that when people ask for more dislike votes.

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The fact is even playing and not leaving early you have a great chance for obtain the same maps again. And dont we have a explanation why most of the maps are missing and you play in the exactly same maps since that mess started.

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The like/dislike feature seems to be working BETTER for me lately. I marked Maginot as “liked” and Vietnam as “dislike”…a got Maginont a few times last week…and zero Vietnam.
It probably helps that i am “in line” with the majority of players…or so i think.
BUT…a few months back i would not get Maginot more than any other map…seems better since last major update…or coincidence.
I do notice that i also selected Ash River as a liked map…but i dont get it in “higher BR” matches…i think there is a BR filter on that map…so no point in liking it and then playing higher BRs.

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Because when you actually write down your maps and keep track, it has no effect on the frequency of that map. Not saying they’re lying necessarily, but if it does work like that, then it’s a completely ineffective algorithm. E.g. it’s way too rare for multiple people in your lobby to have the same map disliked, to the point of not actually doing jack squat. It could also be a lie (probably not just a logical possibility), or it could be honestly attempted but it’s broken/bugged.

Various possibilities, but end result is: It simply doesn’t work in reality.

Before this mess, i rarely see my like maps meanwhile dislike maps reach spam levels, i remember create a topic about see Ardennes map every two battles and this was a disliked map.

I played practically all nations in BRs between 3.7 to 8.7 and since the MM disaster only see the same maps.

Anyone here played in the last week in maps like Finland or Port novo. 3 caps version???

PD: Now my client is in English but map section is in Spanish… is very clear something is broken.

So I just don’t know that you can conclude that from the data we’ve seen, since you only know one of 32 persons’ dislikes in any given game. You could just have idiosyncratic dislikes and never trigger whatever the threshold is (3 dislikes? 4?).

It would be better data if you looked at the maps a 4-squad get, if they all dislike the same maps and play together a lot. If “a few” means anything, a 4-squad with the same dislikes should be able to block ever getting a map on their dislike list if it’s working.

Port Novo 3-cap was removed. They announced it. link

Why do I need to know anyone else’s dislikes to, like I said:

write down [my] maps and keep track, [and see that] it has no effect on the frequency of that map

? That’s the only data necessary for me to say that it has no effect. The reason why it has no effect is irrelevant to me, whether that be bugged, working as intended but just badly designed in the first place, or otherwise. For purposes of this discussion thread, since it has no actual impact, it’s not causing the map pool issue

For the reason I just stated. I dislike all Conquest (1-cap) naval maps I can, in both AB and RB. Despite playing A LOT of 4.3 recently, regularly into 5.0 uptiers where that map is in rotation (thank you Moffett bots) I have not gotten Conquest once in, probably about 12 months.

A lot of naval people hate 1-cap when they play those BRs (if you’re trying to minmax an SKR and get your dailies done in a couple games every night, you WANT to block those maps). It’s plausible to me 2 other players in an up to 32 player game regularly made the same selection I did and so we’re evoking a “few people dislike” rule. It’s not the only possibility, but I don’t think it can be ruled out.

It would be good to hear more from the company on this, to see if they think it’s working as expected, or even more on how it works. But your personal dislikes could just be completely different than everyone else’s, so they would be EXPECTED to have no effect. I’m just saying what someone would need to do here to make your statement more than a conjecture, if the company stays mum.

So they remove that version but leave the other when are much worse…

Sure, okay, so maybe it works as intended, but so what? It still isn’t relevant to this thread, as far as I can see, because:

  • I (<-emphasis) don’t see any difference in frequency, but at the same time

  • I (<-emphasis) do see this long series of runs of maps

So even if it’s relevant in YOUR case in naval, there’s at least some cases where this feature does not overlap with the issue the thread is about, so the issue the thread is about cannot just be due to that, even if it’s working as described (but rarely triggers). And probably isn’t due to that at all, since it’d be an awfully big coincidence if there were two totally different causes leading to the same recent problem at the same time.

I don’t have any maps Liked/Disliked or banned and I still got Flanders four times in a row.

I just think people confuse Likes not actually doing anything (because that IS just polling data, it has no actual effect on matchmaking and the company has basically said so) from Dislikes actually doing something if enough people use them and there’s enough general agreement on what the “bad maps” are.

I accept liking or disliking is nothing more than data collection but I can ban one map.Which could have an impact.The issues is never has until recently.

Im curious for know how many players are in crewlock waiting the spam of not liked map pass with the new completely destroyed MM.

And better remove map filter because that thing is useless i rarely get the map i like big fulda are the worse i didn’t see that map for like 3 weeks despite i “liked” that map but i often get the map i don’t like more often


Maybe Like actually means Dislike.
I wouldn’t trust Gaijin’s coding skills one bit.