Map rotation is completely destroyed

I said above…Maginot is one of my liked maps :) so i am assuming this is deliberate. You can see above average Maginot on my list.

I dont have time to play long sessions…so i admit i am not sure if this has an effect…but if players dont leave early, replay listings are usually very varied for most players…with each page having few repetitions. Like all RNG…you can get the same map twice in a row…three times is very rare.
AGAIN…if you go RANDOM looking at players replays listings you will see each page having many different maps. If you look for repetitions…you will find some :)

BTW…i can admit that SOMETIMES the rotation seems to “reduce”…some days it does happen…but it is rare…
AFAIK…a “normal” player (that does not quit maps a lot) will NOT notice anything wrong…hence me not agreeing with this being a strong issue.

Map issues do happen. I had days with above average repetitions, had maps that seem to disappear and had days with some map coming up a lot…
I just don’t see a big issue…

In only one minute i find 5 similar topics about wtf is happening with map rotation.

For people only play one nation or 3 or 4 battles per day is not a big issue but for peopel play more battles and several nations is PURE PAIN.

I think the post is in response to a new phenomenon,that is the issue not one of preference or tolerance.

Just curious…people who DONT QUIT matches…is it an issue?
Or is this pain for this group?

I get the same map back to back often, even if my first game took like 10+ minutes to finish.

Yep. So do i. Perhaps more than would be statistically probable if all maps were RNG…but perhaps the lineups we choose change those parameters.
BUT…i look at your replay list and i see LOTS of different maps…

You see the same maps even playing the battles, is boring repeat the same thing over and over again, specially when the topic is full of screenshoots.

Pain is see how Gaijin and his people dont move a finger and prefer hide the problems behind “is players fault”.

I do get different maps, but getting the same map/mode/side back to back isn’t really fun to me, especially when you consider we have a metric ton of different maps.


No it happens when not quitting.I had a couple of repeats of Stalingrad ,one from each end which is fine ,then flanders which i never get ,4 times.I like Flanders and its new so np. It’s a new thing ,not sure how or why.No maps banned or disliked currently.

Just checked my last 25 battles:

  1. Abandoned Town - Domination
  2. Sinai - Conquest
  3. Poland (Winter) - Domination
  4. Karelia - Domination
  5. Ash River - Domination
  6. Ash River - Domination
  7. Ash River - Domination
  8. Normandy - Domination
  9. Spaceport - Conquest
  10. Battle of Hürtgen Forest - Domination
  11. Battle of Hürtgen Forest - Domination
  12. Normandy - Domination
  13. Maginot Line (Winter) - Battle
  14. Falnders - Domination
  15. Japan - Conquest
  16. Battle of Hürtgen Forest - Domination
  17. Aral Sea - Conquest
  18. Golden Query - Domination
  19. Volokolamsk - Conquest
  20. Abandoned Factory - Conquest
  21. Second Battle of El Alamein - Domination
  22. Maginot Line (Winter) - Conquest
  23. Mozdok - Domination
  24. Abandoned Factory - Conquest
  25. Golden Query - Domination

Well there was 3 Ash Rivers in a row, but it looks just like a normal random fluke.

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Just curious…is Ash River a favorite map of yours? I mean…did you choose it as a favorite in game?

The same map for near 10 minutes, remember 52 maps plus variants and you only get the same map for ALL nations in ALL BRs … but everything is fine !!!

Nah, I don’t have any favorites. Marked a few with dislike that’s it.
Probably just a strange coincidence. I don’t usually experience the same map over and over again at all.

“You have the same maps over an over becuase you skip the battles”

Played Italy 4.0 leave the battle after few kills and see how my team is decimated , lets play again with Sweden 3.7, killed by arty when try cap a zone, honestly i can spawn again but just play in the same map is boring so lets try again with Germany 6.7 OH SURPRISE THE SAME MAP AGAIN, 2 kills but my team mostly composed by WW2 tanks is balanced by full postwar allies teams ok lest play USA this time aaaaaannddd THE SAME MAP AGAIN…


Well…there is no real point in complaining about an issue that is rare for most players…unless you can pinpoint why some (like you) get it more than others…
Apart from some flukes where players that play normally get the same map twice (or 3 times)…the apparent issue IN YOUR CASE is the small time between matches…so if i had to guess i would assume what i said above…they added some mechanism that either deliberately or by accident makes players that quit maps get the same map a lot more frequently…

Not so sure if they should “fix” it…quitting so easily due to not liking the map should not be “rewarded”…

Yesterday I got same 2 maps for a long time, went to lunch, and almost one hour after, the game was still stuck on the same maps again.
So it’s not a problem of leaving before a battle to avoid some maps.
This silly rotation system is the key, reinforced by the fact that 4 maps have almost desappeared (Karelia, Ash river, Novorossysk) or desappeared totaly (Tunisia).


I try explain that since 2 weeks ago but for some “unknow reason” they insist in this only happend to me and everything is fine. I really love the part where ignore the multiple topics with a lot of people complaining about the same.

About missing maps they remove Por Novo (3 caps version) and Tunisia and Finalnd are missing since this mess started.

No is not rare, you have a lot of similar topics and players complaning about the same.

Dude , stop with that stupidity of flukes, is a very common issue.

Again, is not only happend to me, only in this topic more people show you the same issue.

Me and others players show you screenshoots where you clealy can see even playing battles or waiting or hours you are stuck in the same maps over and over.

I dont know is you are trying help but right looks like in reallity the only thing are you trying is hide this the fast as possible. And is not the firts time is ee Gaijin people close topics or blame players for his mistakes.

AGAIN…show me a screenshot or replay list where players actually play the game for a few minutes…I call them flukes as they are rare IF YOU DONT QUIT immediately after start.
I just checked your replay list…your repetitions are usually within 1min of each other…when you play 5min or more, you get a different map after. IF I AM WRONG, please explain where…we can all check replay lists…

I admit they probably changed something that makes players that quit maps get the same map frequently. Is this what you want to discuss, we can do that…BUT BE CLEAR if this is YOUR POINT.

If you are saying that players that play NORMALLY (2min or more each map or so) get the same map in a row CONSISTENTLY…then i would like you to show me that please.
(I have a screenshot of three maps in a row…but had it only once since i recall…so i call it fluke)

I am aware that a lot of players quit maps they don’t like…i just want to identify the issue…

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This made me look a little more at your replay list…you rarely play more than a few minutes and you try to start games on the same minute or in consecutive minutes…as a rule, not the exception…
I am assuming (and correct me if wrong) that you try to play and quit repeatedly until you get a map you like, and even when you play, most times you play only one vehicle.
I could check the replays, but i don’t have the time…
I am also assuming that the issue you are complaining is actually a FEATURE to make the type of gameplay i describe above harder and less rewarding…(or at the very least, it is a secondary effect)…but is not noticeable to players that don’t quit so often.
(I don’t notice it at all…am just discussing it because i originally thought it was a bug)

TBH…even if this happens…i see no reason to fix it. I PERSONALLY think quitting should not be easy, and much less something you do as a rule and just because you want a specific map…
If every player did the same, matchmaking would be a mess…

I checked @Malko07 replays above (just because it was the closest)…same scenario. When he plays normally, maps keep changing…when a map is repeated, then you can see it was started 1min apart from the previous. I am betting this would be true for anyone complaining…

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