Map filter the "useless" feature that should be remove

Yes, it useless the map rotation made me play same small map for like 3-4 time and I’m sick of it the map I “liked” for me it almost none exist but the map i dislike I’ve see it like 10 time per day.

it just doesn’t work it useless better remove it for balance map rotation also small map in high tier shouldn’t even exist plus small map it easy to CAS since they know where to look


It’s not really a filter…see it as a poll for Gaijin to judge the players’ preferences with a small bonus for premium users.

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count as useless if the casual players want to play small map just throw those small maps in ground AB and no big deal, Ground RB it for realistic not this BS I’ve to play every day what the point of Thermal and laser rangefinder if the fight is not more than 500 meters?? also night battle should not be optional it should come by chance like old times where you can’t choose it will be night or not it depends on your luck.

If the fight isn’t more than 500 meters then, it should even be easier then as you shouldn’t even need to rangefind.

simple I don’t like Cluster F I like to play tank gameplay experience not a god damn casual CQC map cluster F I’m playing “Ground Realistic battle”

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Since the addition of night battles option to the MM, map rotation was destroyed.

why night should be option? for me it was the most stupid logic i ever seen it should be by chance not by option that you can choose gaijin listen those casual players too much lost count how many map i use alt+F4

If it’s long range, players complain of being sniped or the long drive to engage, if it’s urban players complain of the CQC.

There’s so many reasons why people say they don’t like things, but they never say what’s good or appreciate any development towards making a varied setup.

The filters were there to try and counter this ‘dislike’ but all I ever see is people complaining that there isn’t enough to limit them seeing maps they don’t like, but there’s little suggested other than ‘removal’ to fix anything at all.

The problem is more the players and their inability to see any other way to play, other than them being at the advantage, all the time, and merely being upset at what got them… And that, is the annoying part of any opposition to doing anything to fix thier issues because they see you as a villain for trying to put that out.

I see them as “casual wannabe” to play realistic this game have realistic mode and also arcade if they want casual gameplay they can go to arcade mode anytime nobody stop them not coming to realistic mode and crying this that or those to turn realistic battle into arcade 2.0 what i mean? in short is if they can’t handle realistic then go to arcade or just to play WoT this is not a game for them and god those casual really pissed me off

It’s not the casuals though, it’s those who can’t play the hand they are dealt because they’re at a perceived disadvantage.

‘This map sucks so bad, they need to remove it’

Basically Casual or noobs that can’t handle realistic experience and these type of players crying should have no value at all and throw them to arcade

Not really… More players who can’t handle playing a map differently, rather than those that they prefer…

After all, you openly state you Alt-F4 to avoid bad maps…

Players do the same about upteirs, and nation combos they also don’t like.

Yeah and what of it? if the map that I can’t enjoy tanks combat experience then why it worth my times to play with those casual that love playing arcade in realistic game Bombing them too much they complain about CAS
And then sometime they complain about some tanks perform so bad when they use it to CQC when that tank are not to CQC at the begin with and that a problem in high tier seriously gaijin listen to those casual noobs too much that they lost direction how this game should play
10years ago it not like this it just get better or die (and I leaned from it the hard ways)

I already did i just CAS and bomb those cluster F for years it easy to pick the target in small area get multi kills now i just got bored just wanna back experience tank combat play like it use too and those same casual complain about CAS when they ask for it

Oh? you think i playing this game yesterday? that you keep telling me to adapt? I am adaptable (and sure better than you do)
But CQC cluster F it not to simulate how modern tanks should fight and what part that you don’t understand? That i want to experience tanks combat realistic because I’m enjoying it not CQC cluster F like Call of Duty right now even sim battle can’t offer me that anymore thanks to those weak casual

What i do it none of your problem
And yeah I’m playing this game for 10 years i well know that what those casuals always want
It was them that can’t adapt to handle how the tanks should fight and crying like babies turned realistic mode into Arcade 2.0
And i will call them “casual wannabe” anytime i want
And by the look of it you are no better than me just stop acting like one

To be honest your opinion most of it are really ridiculous and I’m sure you don’t even have an idea how this game doing before those casual flooding the game let alone before map filter even in the game is used to be more balance than this its combination of the small and large map depends on the tier now? it fcked up thank to that map filter

so dont use it?

We’re not getting any dialogue about this with them so you need to adapt:

If you have lots of nations, crew lock isn’t a problem. Just quit the match and change nations.

If you don’t have multiple nations, with the new time-based repair costs, enter the game on the disliked map, choose you favourite vehicle, J out, then choose the next vehicle and J out. Repeat until no more spawn points. You can then quit the game with no (or minimal) repair costs and move on to the next game. Depending on lineups, you may have some crew locked vehicles but it’s better than nothing.

Make the most of map bans & dislikes. For example, if you are playing at higher tiers, don’t use them on Frozen Pass or Stalingrad as those maps are only up to 7.7. If you like lower tiers, don’t use them on maps like Pradesh, which is only 7.7 and above.

If you keep getting the same map, use your map ban dynamically to suit what you’re facing, then restore the ban after the repetition has cleared.

Adapt it not something I’m incapable but boredom is what i feel like now

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