Giving the same map after leaving a match needs to stop

I don’t understand this stupid thing , my team with me get steam rolled either the enemies were super aggressive and caught of guard or anything else . After leaving the next match is like 100% the same map again .
Wtf is going on for real


I guess that happen by all players. Early i never get the same map in one time. But if you play any map and you are hard to fight and try still to survive, you are happy if the game running to end.
After the last match start the same map and u still remember on the last map, but only the position was changed and if you have luck, the same players join too :(

You still get “facepalm”.

Prefer i wish me, if my favourite maps start only :)

I see it as getting a second chance. Do I find it annoying sometimes? Yeah, it depends on the map though.

If I get absolutely steam rolled or just have bad luck and constantly die without doing anything I can go back in and have a better go with often better results because where I need to look is fresh in my mind.

If my line up doesnt fit a map first time round then it wont the second time or the third.


Yeah something is bugged, you will get the same map multiple times in a row in the same layout if you leave early or at the start, or the match finishes quickly.

The only way I’ve found to fix it is to play a different BR which breaks the map limits.

Sounds like your line ups aren’t very well optimized then.

Just change the map ban to the one being repeated, then restore your previous ban when it’s cleared.

They are what they were historically

Then that’s your business. Don’t blame the game.

I know it’s the game I don’t need to be told otherwise .

Imagine you line up for the meal in a student housing. You don’t like the meal, throw it away and line up again. Surprise, you get the same meal again. Wait a day, and you don’t.

TL/DNR: The map is currently in rotation. After 10-15 minutes, it isn’t.

After the addition of night battles option to the MM they destroyed the map rotation. The next wednesday are 2 weeks with this issue and counting…