Malaysian T-84(Object 478DU8) --- Hidden Gem

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Object 478DU8

Introduction: Howdy yall! today im making a suggestion for a unique and rather unknow version of the Ukrainian T-84, the Malaysian T-84 Object 478DU8! while very similar to in service variants of the Oplot, this specific tank was made and sent for tank Trials in Malaysia. In game, this oddity of a T-84 variant could be an easy way for the Gajjin to implement a earlier version of the famous tank without having to worry about where to fit a Ukrainian sub tree.
Given how the Devs are showing a growing interest in the possibility of making Japan a possible home for several southeast Asian nations, i think this tank could be a great companion with the Malaysian PT-91 Twardy, and Thai T-84 Oplot-T, if this became possible in the future.

T-84 Origins- The T-84 is an evolved and modified T-80U, born out of the late soviet project to make what we know as the T-80UD. The UD was a Kharkiv factory project from the late 80’s that’s purpose was to fix the reliability and high fuel consumption issues associated with the then new T-80U, and this was done by replacing the gas turbine engine with a modified two-stroke diesel engine with a 1000hp. While the project was successful, and several were built, the USSR was struggling, and its collapse would mean and end to the project. However the now Independent Ukrainian state quickly took the work done and began to improved and add upon it, leading to the creation of the T-84 in the 90’s. By the late 90’s Ukraine was showing off and trying to export its new and improved T-84 Oplot, that had made many changes to the original design, including an upgraded 1200hp engine, and improved transmission, a new welded turret similar to that on the T-90A, and new ERA.

Malaysian T-84(Object 478DU8)-- in 2000, Malaysia was having a open Tender for its next MBT, with several nations competing, including Russia and Poland. Ukraine also entered the competition, and specifically made Object 478DU8, and sent it to Malaysia for testing. There’s little information about its performance in these trials, but we know that it was modified for regional factors, in particular its tracks were extended to 600mm. Unfortunately for Ukraine, Poland’s PT-91 Twardy won the competition, and that marked the end of the Object 478DU8, as it was never officially adopted by any other nation, including Ukraine itself.
(pictures from testing in Malaysia)

In Game: The Malaysian T-84 is closely based on the Ukrainian used Object 478DU9(T-84U), but features an older ERA layout for the Turret, but otherwise is very similar. It uses a single layer of Norzh ERA to protect the hull front, side, and turret, and has the 1200hp engine with a improved transmission. Its performance would be similar to a slightly slower T-80U, with improved reverse and neutral steer, and superior armor thanks to the high performance of Norzh ERA. The tank also possesses a LWS and the Varta jammers(identical to Shtora). It would most likely be at 11.0-11.3 thanks to its good mix of mobility and armor.


  • Armament:
    • Primary: 125mm KBA3 Smoothbore Gun
      • Ammunition:
        • APFSDS-T
        • HEAT-FS
        • HE-FRAG
        • GL-ATGM
          • Kombat (Primary)
          • 9K119M
      • Feed System:
        • 28rd-Autoloader, 40rds total. 6.5 second reload
    • Coaxial: KT-7.62mm Machine Gun (1,250rds)
    • Roof-mounted: KT-12.7mm Machine Gun (300rds)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 7.705m
    • Width: 3.775m
    • Height: 2.760m
    • Weight: 48t
  • Mobility:
    • Engine: 1,200hp KMDB 6TD-2 6-cyl Diesel Engine
    • Max Speed: 65km/h(31Km/h reverse) - Power/Weight=25
    • Transmission: Automatic (7-Forward, 5-Reverse)
    • Suspension: Torsion Bar
  • Crew:
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Features:
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • 12x 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • ESS
    • Entrenching Blade
    • Varta Soft-kill APS
    • Laser Warning System
    • Armor:
      • Norzh ERA+ Composite
    • Optics:
      • Gunner: 1G46 Gunner’s Tank Sight (Thermal)
      • Commander: TKN-4S Night Vision Device
      • Driver: Night Vision Device





That was quick


more T-84s :D


+1 Though idk where to implement it


I guess it would depend on how Gajjin wants to add southeast Asian nations to the game, but given what that Russian moderator said about a regional sub tree for Japan, I think it would be the most likely pick for now, and could compliment other Ukrainan vehicles that could come in a Thai sub tree. Regardless tho, I wanted to make people aware of it, as adding a Ukrainan sub tree might prove difficult, so this could be another route for gajjin to add such vehicles while avoiding some controversy


Japan getting two different T-84 is actually meme
and i love it


You just reminded me of an centrain aircraft I shall suggest XD


youll have to let me know when the suggestion is up lol
im interested to see what you have in mind!

Alrght o7

Until then the seven new ones have to be enough XD


+1 with all my heart I need those T-84 Oplot’s

I think this is a smart way of adding ukrainian vehicles to the game, while you are adding things and reinforcing japan in a form of sub tree o7


my thoughts exactly! id still love to see Ukraine added, but i suspect it will be a while before we see it as a dedicated sub tree, or even present as a nation in game.


Yes please! +1