Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

Still the sexiest a Sabre has ever been

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yeah no I just let you go on a bit, was curious if you thought i was serious or not lol

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Idk, I suggested 4.7 also, but 4.3 is not really clubbing as these can be easily one-shotted by many 3.3 and 3.7 guns. 4.7 against 5.7 with Zis-5 is though, but not impossible, only mobility is the big drawback then.

Adding a non-meta BR does suck, I agree.

Ah well, it was only a matter of time.

Still, I don’t understand the point in adding a fake camo for the ship. The dark grey from the most well known picture would have been more than enough… Here it looks like a German E-boat.

Imagine crying about Italy is a nation like that was added in 2017 that some coping right there.

I can’t believe he said that

Once again BeNeLux should have been its own TT. But Gaijin has shown they don’t do research with two statements now.

So our best hope is for Gaijin to add this:


Regardless you see the point im making, the 1942 makes sense on russia but not for finland/sweden, there just isn’t a viable line for it to play. Kinda like the cv9035 the 9.7 line is an spaa and another 40mm boi and thats it. The only 9.3 that imo is worth bringing to 9.7 is the t72m1

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Production started January last year.

It has, are you forgetting the SK105? An Austrian design based on a french turret and gun

I’m sorry, but you must be a troll


I’d like my RCAF CL-13s(As Canada built and used them) for before others get them.

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The CV9035 mark 3 is alright for 10.0, at 9.7 it indeed doesn’t have a great line-up, but we’ll see if that holds up on live.

As I started with WT, Italy was a subtree of Germany^^

Its just not fair. Italy gets Bf-110, 109, Ju-87, Panzer IV, Tiger, Leopard 1, Leopard 2, Lynx, even our E-Boats,

Where are the Bredas, F-16, Arietes, Leopard 40/70 for Germany? Italian DDs and Cruisers would be also nice. WTB an attack chopper as well. Why Germany never gets these kind of foreign units added, but alot other TTs are leeching German tech in ludicrous amounts.

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Is it just me or Gaijin is retarded look at abrams ammo stowage and which fills up first on Dev Server

Definitely a troll.


If you think they are , please make a forum post about it or go to the Abrams thread in Machinery of War Discussion .

Eh, 35 rounds with 200 rpm is meh, dont get me wrong i love my type 89 on japan its on my 11.3 lineup but i have nightmares from the cv9030, the only vehicle i will never touch again (next to the strv 105) those tanks suck balls lol. Also it has a different chip from the normal UTAAS which allows for auto tracking like the lvkv but gaijin hears UTAAS and denies it. Also its still missing its correct pen (probably wont ever get fixed) and the 70 round dual feed system is missing. Idk its not worth the price imo. Still waiting for the 9040s to go back to their correct ready rack size.

I will also not be rushing to buy it, it’s the AHEAD rounds that I’m mostly looking forwards to.

im sorry didn’t germany not get M13s, P40, C205s and an italian bomber? so now I know your just wrong lmao

Eh without proper lock on it dont see a point imo. Its just not better than the 9040B which is the best of the 9040’s due to hp/p

America is finally getting it’s AV-8B now… I can die in peace.

No no it wasn’t as gaijin only used the term sub trees/nations from South Africa forward, take a hint and stop being salty

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