Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

They must have bribed gaijin with waffles


Dutch were too stingy to do that :(


Non amraam F-16 is possible as premium I guess these days.

Pre order skin like this would be cool


Now since I’m back at home I’ll give you a few links.
For Germany

Argentina & Polish F-16s, not wanting the Hungarian’s to get their 2A7HU, German’s wanting the Dutch & the Swiss as their subs as well as Austrian vehicles for Germany, Kf-41, the Challenger with the 130mm, Polish K2 ect.

So yea keep bashing us Brits is just beating a dead horse over and over again at this stage is just unmatured.


this one could work to


you choose a very bad quote of me their, that was from a guy that wasnt even german. It was a US player complaining germany shouldnt get an F-16 and rather should get greece.
So yeah bad quote from you

poland and argentinia have already been denied, so possibly switzerland or turkey as solutions.
That makes 2 same as UK currently has, while UK is asking for additional countries.
That is not me mentioning how quote is from a guy that literaly posted nothing else and is just complaining /ranting without much knowledge

you are literaly quoting one of the biggest german fan forum trolls. if you take that seriously that is one of your own mistakes


small number of salty people which arent true. They might fear a repeat of the sweden situation which is valid and should not be repeated

like i said denied

that ones open for possibility to solve the A2A problems of germany

that is one i rarely hear. generaly they dont have anything that would help germany in the first place

you mean the german vehicle? their is plenty of KF41 versions germany can get which arent the hungarian one

like it or not but that is partly german as well
as i said

ignoring polish vehicles being denied. Its for the meme of the gathered Panther tanks in one tree thats it

Difference is, that the Brits are very serious of their demand of canadian or australian vehicles
While compared to that, german ones are specialy for the problem of the A2A problem. Its not that we want all those nations. Those are the nations that could possibly give us a solution to the problems.
Since nations get denied in case of dutch, argentinia and poland. Naturaly we looked elsewhere for possible solutions.
The only ones continueing for those nations are literaly the uneducated ones that dont know about gajin clearly saying they wont add more of those nations to germany.
While for the brits you guys do continue to ask for canadian and australia even when gajin stated as well they wont add them to it.

In my perspective, germany and uk share many aspects. We have just as many possible vehicles and developments. If we realy compared their real life capabilities their wouldnt realy be much of a difference.
But here we are UK has 2 dedicated sub trees which bring diversity and 1 vehicle even solving a massive problem for the British air tree.
While germany has 0 dedicated sub trees and is looking for 1 possible solution to solve a massive problem in their air tree


It’s an M3 hull using US built engines and transmissions. That was enough to get the SK105 in the French tree after a forum meltdown. Why would the Ram be any different?

thats not a good point


It’s a great point. Why should the standard be different?

Yea I meant to quote the Spanish F/A-18 comment my bad on that one.

I mean who to say Renzo is a troll especially taking things from reddit seriously I mean come on lol.

Small number yea agree but Renzo is doing the same here which I keep pointing out just because people say things here doesn’t auto mean it every British main.

It’s not there now iirc but the guy said if you have a Indian PM there for you want Indian vehicles.
So I asked him about a curtain Austrian leader being in Germany so does that mean Austrian vehicles should be added to Germany. He the agreed.

But it’s mainly as still is a British vehicle just saying lol.

The main reason why we want a Canadian and an Aussi sub is to replace the ones that doesn’t make sense like Indian and South Africa. That point is often over looked we want them to replace not to add more on top of South Africa and India.

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Uh, the SK105 is mostly french. The entire turret for example, is based on the French FL-11 turret. Kinda a bad example?


Because the UK actually used the vehicle over the US, which didn’t. And Canada spent WW2 building not only for itself but also for the UK everything Canada built was also meant to be used by the British during WW2.

The UK was an operator nation of the thing. Besides parts are a very bad argument. As I could go around claiming a number of vehicles can’t be American as they use Canadian-built parts. and other nations could do the same for X and Y.


Correction. We are asking for a replacement country not additional countries.

South Africa is already too late. But there is desperate hope we can stop getting soviet C&Ps and instead get some actually good Canadian or Australian stuff. With the exception of the odd item here or there from Australia and New Zealand, the main emphasis should be on Canadian stuff. They have some really inetersting native built stuff that is far far more interesting than anything India ever built


that was my desperation for a solution. Because swiss F/A 18 are nice … But no A2G, everyones on their multirole fighters while germanys best case gonna stay the Tornado or the f4f ice with 2 mavericks

The post was from Maveric5I50 there for the merkava that wasnt Renzo

the problem is that plenty of bigger britain mains said the same

fair enough, but realy not relevant i feel like

i am not arguing that, But fact is, it was build in germany with a german 130mm and got a new german armor kit looks similar to the revolution kit of the leopard.
It is not the armor chosen for the chally 3
It was tested in germany
And it is not being adopted into the British service.
So the claim for the vehicle is open, thats a fact. Even if i think germany doesnt need it. There is a reason the suggestion mods accepted it for germany in the first place

Thats the thing, you know good enough. There is no replacing. That wont happen. There is only adding on top no matter how much you complain about it. Gajin just plenty of times they rarely care about or concerns

its austrian developed, just used french parts just saying

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as i said.

India is a gian market for gajin they are exploring. They wont stop that golden geese. You guys might not want russian vehicles. But it might be exactly what the indians want

I meant to say is Renzo a troll for keep bashing us Brits and using government approved sources like reddit of all places lol.

And the Ram hull is mostly American, based on the M3.

Indians want to be in the UK? Huh, form the few I’ve seen online that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Yes, I have no doubt they want to be in War Thunder but not in the UK.

gajin doesnt care. Indians want their vehicles. its in UK sucks for them, but wont stop them from paying