Germany needs an additional subtree

Germany is a major country but lacks competitiveness with other countries
That’s why we need to add German equipment from a country that hasn’t been added to the game yet, or weapons from a country that’s close to Germany, so that we can compete with other countries Because when the demand for Germany decreases, the country will become a dead tree, and then there will be no reason to operate Germany So, we need to make Germany an interesting and competitive country so that players are more interested in riding German equipment In fact, I enjoy Sweden more than riding Germany, but I don’t want to give up because I have been operating Germany from the beginning. I hope Germany will have interesting equipment When I enter Germany, I have a lot of good equipment, but most of them have equipment that I couldn’t find due to my limitations, so I just mention it
I think Poland, Argentina, Switzerland and Turkiye are good countries

At this point this is just getting way too repetitive from all German mains. Other than top tier air, and I do have to specify top tier air, Germany is an overall amazing tree to play. The addition of things like Argentine F-16 or Swiss F-18 as a stop gap solution until Eurofighter will be welcomed, but they do not need a subtree.


Germany is lacking in one area, and they could get a stop gap like the argentine F-16 till the eurofighter comes, the german tree does not need a subtree


You may think so, but I think Germany should do as much as other countries, and I think I am especially behind Sweden right now. How can there be more powerful and good equipment than major countries?

They built better equipment. That’s how


That’s the question. Wait until you know when it’s coming out?

You are getting the F-4 ICE, the BR’s on the dev server are not final so wait for it to come to the live server. German air irl was quite poor for a long period so you will just have to tough it out in game. One bad update for german does not mean it instantly needs a subtree

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Okay, you’re right, but you’ll recall that you might need a subtree in the long run

Germany has enough vehicles that can be added so it does not need a subtree. However the same can be said for the UK and France which both now have subtrees, so its not out of the question, I think for germany it is a long way off

I am lazy to write this again but this is my opinion about the subject and german TT


Finally, one of the more normal German mains.

UK air was quite poor and they got a handout with the Gripen and its completely ahistorical loadout. Yet we have to fight tooth and nail for even AIM-9Li?

You mean like the Strv 122 that GERMANY DESIGNED?

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And licensed build in Sweden, you’re forgetting that important point here.

A handout after a year of suffering, the ahistorical loadout has now been fixed. The skyflashes were dogshit in top tier lol.

Built and upgraded by Sweden

And replaced with a new one. R-Darter is not used on South African Gripens, and neither is AIM-9M from my understanding

Built yes, upgraded no.
Its just German C tech composite with German addon armor that was already trialed on the KVT and TVMs … which are still absent from the German TT


It should be given to Poland. Poland has F16 and F35, which Germany lacks.

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Ok I will take A-Darter and IRIS-T then lol. R-Darter was cleared for use on the gripen, AIM-9M is just for balancing, if they wont add the 9L/i (which they may do now since a report was acknowledged) the F-4 should get 9M

So was the armour ever used on german tanks or only trialled?

R-Darter was also decommisioned before Gripen went into service. Sure they are for balancing, but it doesnt make it any less of an handout.

Well yeah, it was used on the German tanks for their trials. Duh.
But if you mean in regular service, no. The fall of the Soviet Union destroyed that idea

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Then that is why its not on any tanks in game at the moment, maybe you will get a trailed leopard at some point.

The gripen was ordered by South Africa in 1999 and first one being produced in 2005, R-darter was take out of service in 2008 afaik, the missile was cleared for service. Its for balance but it was a handout after a year of one of the worst top tier planes. Im not saying germany wont get an argentine F-16, I just dont think it should get a sub tree. It also wont get the F-16 this update, so unfortunately you will have to put up with the F-4