Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 4)

i dont play Russia so i guess i want the GJN behind it.

Wait a few months and it’d go for quite a lot. I grinded out the Object 279 during the event and looked earlier today and it’s going for over 600 GJN.

They can even get the export version with 9Ls and Mavs at like 9,7 10,0

I heard news that they were sold at roughly 50 bucks on the Chinese server while it lasted and there is an official and hence infinite stockpile.
Never played it so no idea if it is true.

Yak-130/M-346 would also be an option. Yak-130 could be a more moderate solution to the Su-25T/BM and the M-346 can offer CAS to both Italy and Israel at the same time.

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There is a domestically used MB-339CD, which can carry Aim-9L and Mavericks)


I forgot I had read that



Wait for the trainer update i suppose.
If i am gaijin i will fire whoever had this idea it is not gonna have any revenues in the update.

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An update focused on trainers called something like “Training Wheels” would be cool.

Which magics?


I could draw better than that.

Britain: hawk t2
Russia: yak130
Italy/Israel: m346
Japan: they already have a t2
Sweden: finnish hawk mk 51
China: JL9
Germany/France: alpha jet

And most importantly a proper tutorial to jet games


Im assuming 2s but it could also be 1s

T33 Shooting Star for literarlly everyone but Russia (except Iran premium?)

France used the MB339 also, and Japan also has the T-1.

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But TOG.

They seem to do a lot of “anthropomorphic weapons” but I found the Image nice a funny so I had to.

Now I also want the M-346

What have yall done to me

M-346FA variant is some kind of subsonic with insane loadouts, overall would be nice to see Yak-130/M-346, it’s a rare Russian/Italian cooperation.



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The MiG-33s also another unhinged funny jet thatd be cool in WT tbh